The hottest wind shakes Yueyang City, and the grea

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"Wind" shakes Yueyang City, and the "great American Han style" tour ignites market enthusiasm

"wind" shakes Yueyang City, and the "great American Han style" tour ignites market enthusiasm

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in order to give back the support of new and old customers for Hanfeng heavy truck, expand XCMG's influence in Yueyang area, so that more customers can deeply experience the excellent quality of Hanfeng tractor and integrated concrete mixer, and the "great American Hanfeng" Yueyang tour exhibition, which is as warm as the sun, is in full swing

although Hanfeng brand was established late, it has entered the top ten camps of commercial vehicles with its superior performance. With the support of the business division and the vigorous promotion of dealers, XCMG heavy truck has become more and more widely used in Hunan, and its market share has increased steadily. Changsha and nearby cities continue to attract customers. The "great American Hanfeng" XCMG heavy truck tour was initiated and implemented by Changsha dealers, and the Hanfeng g5/g7/g9 tractor and XCMG integrated cement mixer were displayed on site

the first stop of the tour is a cement company in Yueyang, which is mainly engaged in the production, sales and other services of cement and clinker. It is a gathering place for heavy truck owners and intended car buyers in Yueyang. The scorching sun at the event site could not stop customers' enthusiasm for car viewing and test riding. Once the Hanfeng heavy truck was unveiled, it attracted the attention of many card friends

The second stop of the tour is Yueyang Power Plant. Yueyang Power Plant is located in the north of Hunan Province, adjacent to the Yangtze River and bindongting. It is a thermal power plant with a history of more than 20 years and full of vitality and vitality. Will there be a number of tractors here every day that focus on promoting the industrialization of key technology and equipment for green manufacturing and the use of coal. Hanfeng tractor is on display here, attracting many card users to get on the car experience, and the time limited preferential policies on the day of the event also make customers excited

the third and fourth stations of the tour are Yueyang Fuqiang concrete mixing plant and Hengtai concrete mixing plant. Outside the mixing station, customers came to take a test ride of XCMG heavy truck mixer to consult the time limited preferential policy initiated by the dealer

this tour expanded the popularity of XCMG heavy trucks, ignited the enthusiasm of customers in Yueyang for XCMG heavy trucks, and improved the recognition of customers in Yueyang for the quality of XCMG heavy trucks. Customers received high comments on the scene and gained a large number of interested customers

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