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The world's largest wind power blade has been offline in China

at present, the world's largest wind power blade, 5 MW wind power blade, was successfully offline in Zhongfu Lianzhong composite group on December 20. At the same time, as a global manufacturer of thermosetting resin, 1.5 MW bamboo leaf was also tested. 1) aluminum alloy profiles should not touch each other in the process of reclaiming, moving and stretching

according to the decision-making consultation provided to the leading group, the blade is 62 meters long and the maximum chord length is 4.5 meters, which is the longest commercially available blade in the world at present. At the same time, the 40.3-meter-long 1.5-megawatt bamboo leaf off the production line adopts the reconstituted bamboo instead of the traditional FRP main beam as the main bearing component of the leaf, which can promote the application of bamboo as a high-performance structural material in various industries in only thousands of enterprises

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