The hottest window action is illegal repeatedly

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core tip: many car owners put on films to protect themselves from the sun, but some people put on films to avoid the sight of the traffic police and do illegal things, which affects the traffic. They want to make the materials of the spacecraft easy and low-cost to prepare for safety, In order to avoid tragedy, the light window action is carried out. The LS110 split light transmittance meter can detect the light transmittance of the front and rear blocks of the car

in the hot summer, the car solar film has become a sunscreen artifact for car owners, but at the same time it has become a sunscreen artifact, it has been used as a camouflage cloth to avoid the sight of the traffic police by some lawbreakers. These lawbreakers use dark solar film to prevent people outside the car from observing the situation in the car, and carry out a series of behaviors that affect traffic safety, such as modifying the internal parts of the car, pulling goods privately, and overloading driving. There is no need to add hydraulic oil, which has to make the traffic police pay attention to this problem

therefore, since June, the bright window action has been carried out all over the country, requiring that the light transmittance of the front windshield of the van should not be less than 70% and that of the side windshield should not be less than 50%, which is undoubtedly a fatal blow to these illegal personnel

Lin Shang has a light transmittance instrument specially for bright window action, LS110 wireless split light transmittance instrument, which conforms to CIE visual function, with an accuracy of ± 2, and can detect the light transmittance of the front and side windshield of the van

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