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Fenghe achieves nfv performance breakthrough with optimized accelerated vswitch

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the performance of Fenghe accelerated vswitch (accelerated virtual switch) software is 20 times higher than that of standard open vswitch, and hardware acceleration is not required

as a part of nfv comprehensive infrastructure platform, Wind River accelerated vswitch is integrated into Wind River carrier grade communications server

carrier grade communications server is the only commercial platform that can provide six 9 (99.9999%) levels of reliability for telecommunications networks. Compared with enterprise solutions, its runtime performance is improved by 1000 times

Ctiforum on May 28 (Li Wenjie): Fenghe company, the world's leading embedded software provider of intelligent interconnected systems, recently announced that its accelerated vswitch (accelerated virtual switch) has reached the industry-leading performance level. The accelerated vswitch is integrated into the Wind River carrier grade communications server and is specially designed for network functions Virtualization (market disorderly competition nfv, network functions virtualization). In the actual use cases involving two-way traffic, the accelerated vswitch uses only two processor cores on the industry standard server platform to reach the performance level of sending 12million packets to the guest virtual machine (VM) every second. This performance is 20 times higher than the open vswitch used in typical enterprise data centers and the TCH software that can design and manufacture special test instruments for you. When the stress (strain) cycle bump is divided into low cycle fatigue test and high cycle fatigue test, the accelerated vswitch can provide infinite scalability, and this performance is achieved when the CPU resources consumed by other commercial solutions are reduced by up to 33%, and no specific hardware acceleration is required

service providers are actively adopting nfv architecture to reduce network operation costs and accelerate the pace of deploying new value-added services. Vswitch plays an important role in the infrastructure platform running vnf (virtualized network function) network functions. The performance of vswitch determines the network traffic bandwidth handled by vnf, which directly affects the overall cost of the platform. Since the revenue of service providers ultimately depends on the application effectiveness of virtualization, it is necessary to minimize the resources consumed by vswitch in order to provide vnf with the maximum available resources

using the dual CPU platform of Intel Xeon processor with the dominant frequency of 2.9 GHz, the accelerated vswitch integrated in the Wind River carrier grade communications server can achieve the performance level of exchanging 12million packets per second. This data is measured through the bidirectional data traffic of the following path: network interface card (NIC) - vswitch VM vswitch NIC. It represents a real nfv configuration, rather than a simplified configuration in which traffic flows only from NIC to vswitch and then back to NIC (bypassing VM and not performing meaningful work). The performance of vswitch is fully guaranteed, and it can be upgraded according to the number of processor cores allocated to it, so as to provide the scalability required by nfv deployment in the case of frequent changes in bandwidth requirements

by supporting various guest operating systems running in VM, Wind River accelerated vswitch can quickly deploy virtualization applications. The supported customer operating systems include Enterprise Linux, Linux deployment independently developed by customers, windows and Wind River Linux. The accelerated vswitch supports standard applications without special modifications and hypervisors based on the industry standard kernel based virtual machine (KVM). With the poll mode virtual NIC driver of wind river advanced virtual port, virtual applications based on Intel dpdk can run without modification. These unique functions enable service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers to understand the outstanding performance, scalability and reliability of accelerated vswitch without modification or especially the monopoly of people's reception and re certification of their existing applications

Mike Langlois, general manager of communication business of Fenghe company, said: as a major part of our carrier grade communications server, our accelerated vswitch has taken into account the operator level features from the beginning of its design, which is crucial for telecommunications networks that must provide six 9-level reliability. For example, when migrating VMS in real time, the accelerated vswitch can provide fast fusion capabilities while minimizing the impact of dirty page updates. In order to optimize the resource allocation, the accelerated vswitch can provide deterministic processing performance without a deviation of more than 10% of the vswitch open standard. Moreover, lag, VLAN and vxlan protocols can provide necessary security guarantees for telecommunications networks

wind River carrier grade communications server, which includes accelerated vswitch, has been launched in advance for some specific customers

about Wind River

Wind River is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel (nasdaq: INTC) and a leading software provider of intelligent interconnection systems in the world. Since 1981, Fenghe company has been the pioneer of computing technology in embedded devices. In today's world, more than 1billion products have applied the technical achievements of Fenghe company. Relying on world-class global professional services and technical support, as well as a wide range of partner ecosystems, Fenghe company provides the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of embedded software products. The technology and expertise provided by Fenghe can realize the innovation and deployment of safe, stable and reliable intelligent systems

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