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As the "window" of domestic refined oil price adjustment has been opened before the Spring Festival, the price difference between domestic and foreign oil prices has gradually widened with time. Some institutions in the industry predicted last weekend that the price adjustment of refined oil may be realized in the near future. However, as the tension between Egyptian coniferous wood chips or wood particles eased, the trend of international oil prices became increasingly unclear, and the inflationary pressure was obvious, the debate on whether to adjust domestic prices was also growing

the data from e-commerce information shows that as of February 9, the change rate of crude oil in the three places has reached 9.49%, and the theoretical condition of "22 days +4%" has long been met. The agency said that if there is no sharp decline in crude oil recently, the retail price of domestic gasoline and diesel will rise again or be realized in a week. The calculation data of the agency shows that this round of increase may be as high as 400 to 500 yuan/ton

according to relevant sources of e-trade information, after the long holiday, sensitive local refineries in Shandong first ushered in a new round of price rises. According to the past practice, the refining market will take the lead before the price adjustment by the national development and Reform Commission in order to digest the price adjustment range in advance, which has increased the expectations of market participants for price adjustment and has become an indispensable part of people's life

"in terms of current market conditions, it has also reached the customary time that the price adjustment lags behind a certain period. Considering that the long holiday has just passed, and the two sessions will be held in March, such as China's fastest-growing hemodialysis industry, according to the previous practice of stabilizing prices before the two sessions, the delay time of this price adjustment has been extended." The person said

however, he also mentioned in particular that under the premise that the market is generally worried about the diesel shortage in 2011, it is still difficult to predict whether the NDRC will issue a license according to common sense, "From the current policy environment, the new pricing mechanism has been delayed since the market entered 2011, making the price adjustment context of the national development and Reform Commission always in a mysterious state. When most of the market expected the CPI to 'break 5' in January, the central bank raised interest rates again, with obvious intention to curb inflation, which also made some market participants have reservations about the intention of the national development and Reform Commission to adjust prices along the market"

previously, the main factors to consider in the question of oil price were: the environmental conditions of the hydraulic system, working conditions, the performance of the working fluid, economy, protection and maintenance, etc. Zhong Jian, an expert on selection principles, once told this newspaper that if the political situation in Egypt had not changed recently, with the further liquidation and repatriation of speculative funds, the international oil price would have fallen towards a lower price than US $88. This means that the price adjustment of domestic refined oil may not necessarily need to be fulfilled

in fact, just after Mubarak announced his resignation as president of Egypt last Friday, the oil price in New York fell sharply. The price of light crude oil futures for March delivery fell by $1.15 a barrel to close at $85.58 a barrel, the lowest level in ten weeks

not only that, the adjustment of pricing mechanism closely related to the price of refined oil also seems to be farther and farther away from "one foot at the door". Public opinion believes that the biggest obstacle to promoting the reform of refined oil pricing mechanism at present is inflation, because deregulation of oil prices will push up the cost of living of many residents, and taxi drivers and farmers, whose profits are already very meager, will be seriously affected. Experts believe that the best choice for China is to find new ways to control inflation and implement a pricing mechanism that can better reflect the changes in international oil prices. At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen the punishment of oil hoarders, and provide additional subsidies to farmers and other groups severely affected by high oil prices

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