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Blooming service flowers in the cold Lovol escorts customers' dreams

blooming service flowers in the cold Lovol escorts customers' dreams

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Guide: this year, the sales of Lovol Ceres rice harvesters have increased significantly, and the operators in beidachang are full of expectations for new partners, eager for the Ceres rice machine to help them realize their dreams of becoming rich in the rice harvest season. And the service team members of Lovol power have become the dream of users

this year, the sales of Lovol Ceres rice harvesters have increased significantly, and the operators of beidachang are full of expectations for the new "partner", eager for the "big guy" Ceres rice harvester to help him realize his dream of becoming rich in the rice harvest season. The service team members of Lovol power have become the guardians of users' dreams. They troubleshoot outdoors at minus 20 to 30 degrees, and they help users sow hope and dreams in the frozen fields

"Hey, Lei packaging materials, 5 gold, components, panels, circuit boards, sponges, fabrics and other materials have increased significantly. Can woji build Sanjiang Chunfeng service station? My machine is broken in the ground, can you come and have a look?" "Hello, master, can you tell us what is the fault of the machine?" "I don't understand, anyway, I just can't drive. I'm still waiting to harvest rice." "Well, master, don't worry. Where are you now? We'll go there right away." After explaining where he is now, Yang Guoli, an anxious old man in the countryside, still shivered in his voice, "it's almost over. What can I do?"

it turned out that master Yang was a villager in tucun village and the owner of the Lovol Ceres rice combine harvester. When Lao Yang was harvesting rice in the field, the machine couldn't start. When Lao Yang was helpless, he looked up and saw the Lovol agricultural machinery service manual attached to each Lovol agricultural machinery, looking anxiously. Suddenly, the eyes brightened, "Sanjiang Chunfeng service station in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province", and immediately dialed the other party's number

the person who just answered Lao Yang was Shang Fengchun, the stationmaster of Jiansanjiang Chunfeng service station of leiwo agricultural machinery in Jiamusi, a forthright "woman man" in Northeast China who "women don't let men". The competent stationmaster Shang immediately drove with the service team to the harvesting area where master Yang was located, taking the "Lovol agricultural machinery first aid kit". Seeing Lao Yang squatting on the ground, the stationmaster of Shangshi digital signal processing stepped forward and said, "master Yang, don't worry, we'll repair the machine now." She and the service team went to the ground together and began to investigate the cause of the failure of the rice machine, and finally determined that the machine was due to the sudden drop in temperature, which caused the starter to freeze at the end of the starter carbon brush wire, causing the starter to fail to work normally. Shang Fengchun led the Lovol service team to finish the carbon brush joint with the fastest speed and took the antifreeze treatment. Lovol Ceres rice machine began to work vigorously again

master Yang's frown widened and his smile hung on his face. Shang Fengchun also told Lao Yang the precautions for maintaining the machine in winter. In the words of stationmaster Shang, "sharpening the knife does not make mistakes in cutting firewood". Cars cannot be used without maintenance. No matter how reliable the quality of Lovol Ceres harvester is, it will also strike if it is not maintained on time. If there is such a fault again, just contact our service station in time. You're welcome

Lao Yang said, it's more than ten to twenty degrees below zero. You service members said to help us and then came. Otherwise, I can't leave my rice with more than one mu left there. Now Binzhou will try its best to build a 500 billion level high-end aluminum industry cluster, which is undoubtedly a great opportunity. Well, I'll rest assured when it's finished. Use this winter to thoroughly maintain my Lovol Ceres rice machine. Hehe, stationmaster Shang is right. No matter how good the machine is, it can't work without oil

"bloom the fragrance of service in the cold, and guard the dream of becoming rich for users", this is the career persistence of Lovol power service team members: measure service with steps, and help users realize their dreams with sincerity

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