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Haofeng relies on Lovol heavy industry to accelerate the globalization layout

Haofeng relies on Lovol heavy industry to accelerate the globalization layout

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in Mali, LOVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lovol heavy industry) received orders for 500 tractors from the local government; In Algeria, Lovol heavy industries won another 1000 tractor orders in 2017 on the basis of 1650 tractors and 1898 supporting machines and tools; In Sudan, Lovol heavy industry once exported 800 harvesters at one time...

in addition, Lovol heavy industry has successively acquired high-end overseas high-quality resources such as apos, matemak, Gordoni in Europe, formed a perfect global R & D and innovation platform for enterprises, set up an overseas operation management center in Thailand, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kaitai Bank of Thailand

all this shows that under the guidance of the national "the Belt and Road" initiative, Lovol heavy industry has not only simply sold its products and services abroad, but also entered a new stage of global development by improving the overseas full value chain operation platform

Wang Guimin, chairman of Lovol heavy industries, said that as a pioneer of the "the Belt and Road", the company's products have been sold in more than 120 countries and regions around the world. Among them, the exports related to the "the Belt and Road" account for more than 50% of the company's total exports. "We are adding 30 (1) 00hz medium frequency fatigue testing machine to explore the development mode of 'global R & D, made in China, and global distribution', so as to implement the company's globalization strategy by accelerating the integration of global resources, building a global R & D system, and acquiring high-quality overseas high-end resources."

Lovol heavy industry is clearly aware that under global competition, enterprises can only achieve healthy and sustainable development by actively going abroad, mastering core technologies and stepping into the "global mainstream". Therefore, as early as 2011, Lovol heavy industries officially established the European research and development center in Bologna, Italy, which is mainly responsible for the research and development of new technology platform tractors and large feed grain harvesters. Since then, a construction machinery R & D center has been set up in Osaka, Japan, focusing on breaking through the key core technologies of construction machinery such as hydraulic pressure and electric control

in addition, Lovol heavy industries has successively acquired three enterprises: Arbos, matemark and gordoney in just a few years, further developed and improved its product portfolio in the global market, especially the Chinese market, and began the transformation of product technology. Wang Guimin said that this kind of gap filling m & A, in addition to achieving the purpose of opening up new markets, entering new businesses and improving the technology and product capabilities of an enterprise in a certain field in a relatively short time, has a deeper significance in that it has opened the threshold to the global market by integrating global high-end resources

Lovol heavy industries also integrated overseas resources and established Lovol Arbos group as the headquarters of Lovol's European business. At the same time, Lovol heavy industries officially announced that its products in the agricultural equipment business will adopt the dual brand strategy. Lovol Ceres and Lovol leopard products are positioned in the global mid-range market. The product line of high-end brand Arbos includes power shift tractors, large grain harvesters and high-end precision seeders

integrate into win-win situation

as the pioneer of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, Lovol heavy industries adheres to marketing innovation, takes the initiative to "go out", develops marketing channels, and comprehensively promotes the upgrading of products, services, networks and other marketing capabilities on the basis of continuously increasing research and development efforts and promoting product upgrading

it is reported that Lovol heavy industries has built more than 300 distribution networks covering more than 120 countries and regions around the world, established 9 overseas offices and 10 parts centers in strategic markets and key markets, and registered territorial national sales companies in strategic markets such as Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine, A global marketing service network system integrating "sales, service, parts supply, user training and information feedback" has been formed

under the background of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, Lovol heavy industries has strengthened agricultural cooperation with many African countries, and its export has also developed from the stage of exporting a single product to Africa to the stage of providing an overall solution for modern agriculture for Africa. "The the Belt and Road emphasizes win-win cooperation." Wang Guimin said that to win the favor of partners, the rising entrepreneurial and innovative atmosphere and respect must first strengthen their own capacity-building, so as to seize the opportunity and bring more win-win value to partners. Therefore, in recent years, while orderly promoting the upgrading of R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service capacity in the whole value chain, Lovol heavy industries is also actively expanding its "circle of friends" in countries along the "the Belt and Road" such as Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe, and jointly going out with partners in the same industry, participating in infrastructure construction, resource development and other activities in countries along the "the Belt and Road", so as to obtain good opportunities for development

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