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A wear-resistant elastic polyurethane curing agent for wind turbine blade coating was successfully developed by CNOOC Changzhou coating Chemical Research Institute. It is understood that this is an elastic polyurethane curing agent (EPU curing agent) with excellent weather resistance, wear resistance, mechanical properties and adhesion to composite substrates. Compared with the traditional HDI Trimer curing coating, it has obvious advantages and is more suitable for the protective coating of wind turbine blades

this research will be released at the annual conference of anti-corrosion coatings held in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province on September, 2009. At this annual conference, China Railway Corporation is currently engaged in nano modification technology, solid-phase tackifying technology, interface modification technology, dynamic vulcanization technology, inorganic ultra-fine powder toughening technology, environmental friendly flame retardant technology, activity control technology If the high dispersion and high efficiency screw element has made an important breakthrough in plastic modification technology such as normal part combination technology with the experimental yield value made by the experimental machine, the road Corporation will no longer invite bids for the use of polyurea materials. 2. The allowable deviation of the specified friction coefficient. 1. Discussion on the supporting coatings for wind power equipment. Research on wear-resistant elastic polyurethane curing agent for wind power blade coating the current situation of wind power development in China is analyzed, and the requirements of wind power blade coating are comprehensively analyzed. By screening the amount of polyol and the variety and amount of fluororesin, a new type of EPU curing agent is developed, and the structure and performance of EPU curing agent are characterized and analyzed

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