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According to Xinhua news agency, as an important traditional energy base in China, the new energy industry in Western China has developed rapidly in recent years. Whether it is the three plateaus or the Gobi desert in Gansu and Xinjiang, the new energy represented by wind power has entered a wind driven era. For thousands of years, it has roared past the wind and began to lead China's new energy industry

the performance of the spring compensator mainly depends on the scroll spring. The phase I project of China's first ten million kW wind power base was originally planned to complete the installation task by the end of this year, but the goal was achieved three months ahead of schedule. On November 3, the national energy administration and Gansu Province held a ceremony in Guazhou county to jointly celebrate the formal completion of the project. With more than 3500 wind turbines and an installed capacity of 5.16 million KW, China's first 10 million kW wind power base has begun to take shape on the Gobi desert, which stretches more than 200 kilometers at the western end of the Hexi corridor. It is understood that according to the plan, the installed capacity of Jiuquan wind power base will reach 12.7 million kW in 2015. The completion of phase I of Jiuquan wind power base will play an exemplary and guiding role in the construction of onshore wind power in China. At the completion and foundation laying ceremony on November 3, Wu Guihui, chief engineer of the national energy administration, said

in fact, Jiuquan wind power is only a microcosm of the development of wind power in Western China. Among the seven ten million kilowatt wind power bases planned and constructed in China, the West accounts for three: Jiuquan, Hami and Mengxi

in November, the 200000 kW wind power project built by Huadian Group in the eastern wind region of Xinjiang passed the preliminary review of the environmental protection department. A number of wind power projects that have passed the preliminary review this time are located in the southeast of Hami, with a total design scale of 2million kW. They are jointly constructed by 10 enterprises including Datang, Huadian and China power investment, each of which has the development right of 200000 kW. The wind power drama co starring 10 enterprises will be staged here soon

opening the layout map of China's wind power industry, it is found that except the Gobi desert in Xinjiang and Gansu, the Inner Mongolia Plateau, the Loess Plateau and the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau have become hot spots for wind power in China, and China's clean energy is blowing high winds

Inner Mongolia has the largest wind energy reserves in the country, with a exploitable capacity of more than 150million kW. It is understood that in recent years, the installed scale of wind power in Inner Mongolia has ranked first in the country for consecutive years. Up to now, the installed capacity of wind power in Inner Mongolia has reached 8million kW, and will soon become the first province in China with an installed capacity of wind power exceeding 10 million KW. Shi Pengfei, member of the expert committee of China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, said that Mengxi and Mengdong, together, plan to have 57.8 million kw of wind power installed by 2020

driven by western wind power, in 2009, the growth rate of China's wind power installed capacity ranked first in the world. Shi Pengfei, member of the expert committee of China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, said in the control and measurement system of Jiuquan New Energy Expo (2) in July that among the 10 countries with the largest number of new wind power installations in the world in 2009, China added 13.8 million KW, ranking first in the world, achieving 100% growth for four consecutive years. The cumulative installed capacity of wind power in China has reached 26.01 million KW, especially in China and the United States, ranking second in the world, second only to the United States. From 1999 to 2008, the world's wind power installed capacity has increased by 31.8% annually in the past ten years, while China's has increased by 70% annually in the past ten years. Zhou Fengqi, Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said

driven by the construction of wind farms, China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry has also developed rapidly. Jiuquan wind power equipment industrial manufacturing park alone has 30 enterprises, of which Sinovel, Jinfeng and Dongqi, the top three in China's wind power equipment assembly, and Sinoma, Zhongfu and AVIC, the top three in blade manufacturing, have all settled in the park. As of October 31, the sales revenue of 1151 type gear pump extruder designed and developed by Jiuquan wind power equipment manufacturing industry reached 25.984 billion yuan. In Hami, since this year, Hami has successively signed agreements with Sinovel technology, Goldwind technology, Jiuquan Iron and steel West Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., CSIC haizhuang wind power and other manufacturing enterprises, involving five projects such as wind power equipment assembly, wind turbine blade, wind power tower manufacturing, with a total investment of 1.43 billion yuan. It is estimated that these manufacturing enterprises can realize the self supply capacity of 2million kW wind power equipment in 2011. In the past five years, the domestic production of wind turbines has doubled. Domestic enterprises have basically mastered the manufacturing technology of megawatt wind turbines, and the main components can be manufactured domestically. Zhou Fengqi said

Shi Pengfei believes that the expansion of the production capacity of wind turbines has eased the situation that the supply of wind turbines in China has exceeded the demand in the past two years, but it also indicates that the white hot competition in the manufacturing industry of wind turbines is coming

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