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Go back and forth thousands of miles to find Zhang beizhiqiu! Chenglong H7 3.0 grassland deep test drive shows hard core strength

go back and forth thousands of miles to find Zhang beizhiqiu! Chenglong H7 3.0 grassland deep test drive shows hard core strength

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explore zuimei grassland and verify its excellent strength. On September 5, the H7 3.0 800 kilometer long-distance test experience tour, a dragon journey on grassland road held by Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong, came to a successful conclusion in Zhangjiakou. More than 60 people from all over the country, including senior truck users, core media in the truck industry, and professional evaluators, were invited to attend and participate in the live long-distance test. From Handan to Zhangbei, the 800 kilometer live broadcast, long-distance test and wonderful activities let the media guests, Chenglong dealers and customers personally experience the development and quality improvement of Chenglong H7 3.0 high-functional fiber materials, the industrialization of bio based chemical fibers, the industrialization of high-performance fibers and product serialization efficiency, technology, reliable excellent performance and the brand temperature of Chenglong being close to users and people-oriented

efficient, scientific and reliable, 800 km long measurement and assurance of heavy truck benchmark strength

in northern September, the morning breeze is cool. On the morning of the 4th, after a grand departure ceremony, the Chenglong team set out from the Boang store in Handan, passing through the Beijing Hong Kong Macao, Xinyuan and other highway sections, passing through one of the ten most beautiful highways in China - grassland Sky Road, and finally arrived at the team's destination - nasutu hotel

this grassland self drive tour is the first in-depth truck self drive tour held by Chenglong H7 3.0 since it was launched. It is about 800 kilometers from Handan to Zhangbei. Chenglong H7 3.0 has successfully completed this long-distance test challenge, and has outstanding performance in fuel saving performance and driving experience

efficient fuel economy, strong power, and fuel consumption per hundred kilometers as low as 28.11l: in this journey, Chenglong H7 3.0 has an average fuel consumption of 28.11l per hundred kilometers under the working condition of 49 tons of total vehicle cargo weight. This gratifying achievement is not only due to the optimization of the power system of the whole vehicle in the R & D and design stage of cltruck H7 3.0. Its matching with Dongfeng Kang is inversely proportional to the engine speed under the condition of fixed power. Mins z14 600 HP engine +zf automatic transmission + lightweight new 440 axle, the optimal matching of the power system and transmission chain, combined with the application of cltruck brand industry-leading lightweight technology, has greatly improved the fuel saving performance of the whole vehicle, Implement the TCO life cycle cost concept

reliable technology, rich configuration, comfortable and stable driving experience: in addition to the fuel consumption test, this live long-term test is also set up with interesting challenges such as 10 seconds of cigarettes, 1 minute full cup without overflow, and sister Ka's cooking skills. In the challenge of standing cigarette and full cup, thanks to the NVH technology and controllability of Chenglong H7 3.0 and the mature driving technology of Kajie, the whole vehicle is very stable and not bumpy in the driving process, so that the cigarette can't stand down in the cab and the 500m water cup can't overflow. In addition, Chenglong H7 3.0 car fridge, 220V socket, open storage space and other intimate home like designs have given full play to the chef's skills in Chenglong H7 3.0

laugh and challenge all the way. The setting of interesting activities enables the accompanying guests to fully enjoy the comfortable driving experience and the fun of activity challenges of Chenglong H7 3.0. Driving directly from the expressway to the grassland Road, the team passed through a variety of complex road conditions, such as asphalt pavement, cement undulating pavement, gravel undulating pavement, grassland pavement, etc. With the powerful power, rich configuration and excellent performance of the new car, the accompanying media guests and customers deeply felt the excellent performance of Chenglong H7 3.0 in many aspects, such as dynamic performance, chassis vibration filtering performance and passing performance under different road conditions

interact, explore, revel, and play with the grassland scenery to reflect the brand's humanistic care

in addition to fuel consumption PK and interesting challenges, this event also made the guests participating in the event fully feel the transformation of Chenglong brand from paying attention to vehicles to paying attention to people and customers after the rejuvenation of Chenglong brand. It is expected that the brand temperature of Chenglong brand is people-oriented through the interaction of live show cooking and lottery, grassland bonfire Music Festival and exploring grassland scenery

live show skills, fan interaction, red packet lottery, full of popularity: show your driving skills, show your cooking skills. During the midway stop, overlord Kajie showed her tenderness and virtue in the spacious and comfortable cab space of Chenglong H7 3.0, completed delicious two dishes and one soup within the specified time, and reproduced the real cooking and dining scenes of truck drivers during the long-distance freight transportation for fans in the live broadcasting room. In addition, the live broadcast not only threw out cash red envelopes and carried out a crazy lottery, but also prepared generous benefits of 1 yuan to 1000 yuan car coupons for friends who want to buy a car. After the anchor's four consecutive rounds of red envelope bombing and lottery interaction, the live studio ushered in a super high popularity value

bonfire carnival, grassland exploration, and brand care are full of temperature: in addition to live benefits, the Chenglong brand also held a special warm giving activity accompanied by Chenglong and accompanied by good gifts for truck drivers in Laiyuan North service area, which reflects the brand's service concept of being close to users and people-oriented

as night fell, a prairie bonfire Music Festival pushed the event to a climax. Wonderful band performance, karaoke God's voice competition, pole positioning device: the landing height can be automatically controlled by the computer. The amorous Matouqin and Mongolian song and dance performances, and the passionate Bonfire Dance brought an audio-visual feast to guests, customers and fans in the live broadcast room. The next day, Chenglong went to the grassland scenic area with guests and customers. On the winding hundreds of miles of colorful grassland Sky Road, we saw the magnificent picture scroll of white clouds rolling at Baili dam head in early autumn, the red mountains and the dyed forests, and the neat and uniform rivers, mountains, meadows and terraces

grassland sky road is also a long journey with the best plan. From Handan to Zhangbei, the 800 kilometer live test was conducted. Chenglong H7 3.0 submitted a sincere answer to our customers. Chenglong brand will continue to overcome difficulties for users, ride the wind and waves, and strive for the brand vision of a professional logistics and transportation leader close to users around the brand value of creating high-efficiency and trust in science and technology

it is reported that Chenglong H7 3.0 will also carry out a long-distance test from Guangzhou to Chengdu in the south. See you at the next stop

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