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With the rapid development of China's economy and the holding of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai WorldExpo, the tourism industry will greatly benefit from the sustained and rapid development of China's economy. China's tourism industry has great potential for development. Experts predict that China is expected to become a world tourism power in the next five to ten years

in recent years, taking advantage of the spring breeze of the good development of China's tourism industry, Ctrip Travel is also developing at a high speed, the scale of call centers is expanding rapidly, and the service quality of Ctrip call centers has been far better than that of market competitors. Now, Ctrip has taken a series of measures to create excellent travel services, applied them to the operation and management of service contact centers, and further improved the service functions. In order to share their experience, CTI forum made a special visit to liuhongbing, general manager of Ctrip customer service department

liuhongbing: it is mainly reflected in these four aspects: concept, scale, system and technology. The service concept is rooted in the company culture, and all our efforts are to better serve customers; Ctrip has the largest tourism service contact center in Asia, serving customers in an all-round and multi angle way; We have a three-dimensional integrated management system of customer care, standardized operation, process innovation and improvement, and quality management; Strong technical support has provided a solid foundation and guarantee for our improvement and innovation

CTI Forum: in the past 10 years, Ctrip has been a model of operating call centers, with more than 12000 calls. The world's largest tourism call center, which connects the socket with the stump on his leg to call seats, has been completed in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. 1. Regularly check whether the connecting line on the back panel of the controller is in good contact. What role does the call center play in the company's business at present? How can Ctrip's call centers across the country be managed and coordinated

liuhongbing: at present, the Ctrip service contact center is located in Shanghai and Nantong, and the staff will gradually tilt to Nantong in the future. Ctrip also reached a strategic cooperation with Jiangsu Nantong government departments and local colleges and universities in order to promote the level of service talents. Customers can't feel the difference between regions when calling Ctrip service, because Ctrip service contact center adopts standardized service process, and the management system and service standards of Shanghai and Nantong are completely consistent

CTI Forum: for any enterprise, how to deal with customers' complaints is an important thing. Because if a complaint is not handled well, customers will turn to the products of competitors. How does Ctrip deal with customer complaints and what measures do it take to improve service quality and customer satisfaction

liuhongbing: Ctrip attaches great importance to customer complaints. First of all, we welcome customers to communicate and feedback through various channels; Secondly, we implement a one-stop service for complaints, which are accepted immediately without transfer; Third, we have strict standards and norms to deal with customer complaints, and independent third-party management departments to monitor the timeliness, correctness and sensitivity of services. Complaint handling is also the process of reviewing products and processes, from which we find opportunities for improvement and innovation. We regard complaints and suggestions as a valuable asset. At the same time, because the complaints were handled properly, many of our employees were praised by customers, which also gave us a lot of incentives

CTI Forum: Ctrip has also successfully applied the quality management method of manufacturing industry - Six Sigma system to the travel industry. How to implement this management method in the operation management of call center? What benefits and convenience has it brought to the enterprise

liuhongbing: Six Sigma embodies a kind of corporate culture of Ctrip. It has been implemented since 2003. So far, Six Sigma has entered its eighth year in Ctrip. This management system should be understood from four aspects: first, customer-centered corporate culture; 2、 Have a working attitude of excellence and the willingness to create perfect services; 3、 A set of scientific improvement methods and means; 4、 Detailed and sufficient statistical data. These four aspects have been fully reflected and played in Ctrip. Over the past few years, the company has made great achievements in process improvement, efficiency improvement and cost savings through the implementation of the 6Sigma project

CTI Forum: do you think the expression "call center" is outdated? What is the significance of Ctrip changing the call center into a service contact center? Imagine the new changes in the form and content of customer contact and interaction

liuhongbing: This is a good question. Now the call center is no longer a simple and repeated answer function, but a unified customer-oriented multimedia customer service platform. At present, Ctrip's service contact center has realized the all-round use of service means such as call, fax, page, e-mail, short message, client, instant messaging, etc., which can provide consumers with excellent systematic, standardized and personalized high-quality travel services

with the development of science and technology, new communication methods are constantly introduced. I believe that the service contact center will also keep pace with the times and adopt more updated, more convenient and more efficient service forms and means. On the other hand, the content of our communication with customers will be more in-depth both vertically and horizontally, not just for the purpose of reaching an order, but also for more sharing and participation

CTI Forum: Ctrip, which has always been regarded as the leading airline ticket agent and hotel industry, has recently added two more names to the ranks of competitors: Taobao and Tencent. How can Ctrip stand out in the fierce market competition? What are the opportunities and challenges that Ctrip will face in the future

liuhongbing: the quality of service and products is the key. We will continue to strive to provide customers with better products and services. Tourism is a very promising industry in China, and also has a very strategic height in the country. This market is very large, and opportunities and challenges coexist. It is hoped that through the innovation and improvement of products, services, talents and technology, we can seize opportunities and create greater value for society, customers and enterprises

CTI Forum: the work of the customer service center fully reflects the labor-intensive and knowledge intensive. How can the intelligence and potential of front-line service personnel be transformed into the real competitiveness of the enterprise? The loss rate and strategy of on-site human resources in the call center also directly affect the customer's experience of service? What innovations does Ctrip have in employee care and employee management

liuhongbing: the service industry is a personnel intensive enterprise, and it is reasonable and necessary for employees to have a certain mobility. The turnover rate of call center industry is generally high, but the turnover rate of Ctrip call center is lower than the average level of the industry. The main reason is that the corporate culture of Ctrip includes the concept of customer-centered. Employees have a strong sense of honor and belonging when working in Ctrip. With the growth of the company, employees also have more choices in their career growth path

our managers are also very concerned about the growth of employees and actively help employees plan their career development, Provide more exercise opportunities for employees "These investments reflect our firm commitment and stage to the Asian market. At the same time, we are very concerned about the physical and mental health of our employees. On the basis of setting up various forms of cultural and sports activities and enriching the lives of our employees, the company has also recently launched some psychological projects, hoping that our employees can work happily and efficiently.

Introduction to Liu Hongbing:

General Manager of Ctrip Travel customer service department, who joined the company for 8 months, won the company's outstanding leader He once served as the director of the financial management center of HSBC China headquarters and the project management manager of the science and Technology Management Department of Shanghai Fuhua group. Have outstanding team management ability, plan execution ability, organization and coordination ability

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