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The transportation industry is in urgent need of new biodegradable plastic packaging bags

when it recovers from Black Friday and shopping week, everyone will worry that the garbage can can't hold all the cartons that will receive packages, but you can notice a trend - retailers have begun to switch to express bags. Most people like their light weight, which can reduce transportation costs. Running experiments according to the specified steps may also reduce carbon emissions. And most bags are durable enough. And they are very easy to compress - less obvious evidence of shopping

in China, plastic express bags have been overloaded in large landfills in major cities, "becoming the main distribution form of e-shopping

according to China Post estimates, China has generated more than 780million packages during the recent singles' day on November 11, the world's largest shopping carnival, in the process of injection molding

in a recent report on express packaging, China Post showed a set of very interesting data. In 2014, the consumer transportation industry used a total of 5.6 billion plastic bags, 2.1 billion envelopes and parcels, 6.7 billion cartons, 2.1 billion packaging liners and 11.4 billion meters of tape

this year, the number of plastic bags will reach 8billion

the report shows that most cartons can be recycled, while the recycling and correct treatment of adhesive tape, plastic bags and packaging liners are facing challenges

China Post suggests that transportation companies consider using degradable packaging materials in the future, but we have to admit that this will take a long time to achieve

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