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High transparent polypropylene is favored and successfully stands on the high-end market

with the increasing attention of consumers to food safety, non-toxic polypropylene products are more and more widely used in food packaging and other fields, and disposable lunch boxes with thin-wall injection molding as raw materials are the new favorite. The market of transparent polypropylene is developing rapidly. Compared with other transparent materials, transparent PP is light and high transparent polypropylene is favored and has successfully stood firm in the high-end market. It has low cost, good rigidity and strength, good moisture resistance and recyclability. With the launch of transparent PP, it has broken through the bottleneck of poor transparency of PP products and become a strong competitor of transparent materials

transparent PP has many excellent properties in transparency, gloss, density, flexibility, rigidity, chemical resistance, etc. compared with traditional transparent materials: PC, pet, PS, PVC, etc. At present, transparent PP material has been widely used in injection, blow molding, blow drawing, cast film, extrusion, thermoforming products, etc. Transparent PP has higher heat resistance than general PP, and is especially suitable for appliances that require high transparency and are used or disinfected at high temperatures, such as medical syringes, microwave cookers, baby bottles, disposable fast food appliances, etc

high transparent PP is obtained mainly through the following three ways: 1. Adding transparent agent into PP resin; 2. Using Z-N catalyst to produce random copolymerized PP products with excellent transparency; 3. High transparent PP was produced by metallocene catalysts with different force values of tensile testing machine

&em therefore sp; The main application fields of transparent polypropylene are medical devices, transparent plastic products for daily use, water bottles, food and beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles, sanitary products, office supplies, medical life fighting, disposable water cups, microwave supplies, etc. Transparent PP has become the main application field of transparent PP in household products; The second is protective packaging and transparent PP in the pharmaceutical field, which is mainly used for various medical equipment (such as syringes and packaging products). In addition, thin-wall injection molding products are also the recent application trend. This kind of products not only require good raw material liquidity, but also have very high requirements for molds

this kind of fan housing first adopts the two-dimensional and three-axis braiding technology to manufacture the braided preform

random copolymerized PP, which has a good development prospect. This kind of products are still highly dependent on imports, and most of them depend on imports. Transparent material products have high requirements for transparent agents. The third and fourth generations of transparent nucleating agents have a great impact on the success of high-end market stability of highly transparent polypropylene. At present, most of the transparent agents used by PetroChina are the fourth generation, Most petrochemical enterprises in South China are also four generations. Merican transparent agent has a good reputation, but high transparent polypropylene is favored and successfully stands on the high-end market. It is expensive. When petrochemical production, enterprise profits are low, and high transparent polypropylene is not favored and successfully stands on the high-end market. The difference between the third generation and the fourth generation of domestic transparent materials is that the processing temperature is different in the downstream processing and application. The fourth generation can be reduced by about 20 degrees, which is more energy-saving. It is also the choice of most manufacturers now

research and development field selection and research and development standards of petrochemical enterprises in the future: when enterprises choose to develop new brand products in a certain field, they should first determine, for example, the wedge fixture standard as the market demand; The second is the economic benefit expectation of the new brand; Thirdly, whether it can provide enterprises with differentiated competitiveness. The domestic polypropylene production capacity is nearly high. Transparent polypropylene is favored and successfully stands on the high-end market to expand rapidly. The new brand that meets the market demand can quickly open up the product sales situation, attract more customers, and expand the enterprise's own product field on the basis of the basic brand sales; Economic benefits, whether for state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, are an important basis for the operation and development of enterprises. Whether the new brand can obtain enough overflow high transparent polypropylene to be favored, successfully stand on the high-end market and obtain sufficient economic benefits is a very important factor in the choice of development direction; In terms of basic products, the competition in China's polypropylene market is becoming increasingly fierce. Highly transparent polypropylene is favored and successfully stands on the high-end market. Competition is not beneficial to polypropylene manufacturers. Differentiated competition will become the top priority of Chinese polypropylene enterprises for a long time in the future. In the future, five high transparent polypropylene will be favored and successfully stand on the high-end market. The new product direction of China's polypropylene industry will take three high and one low products and transparent products as the basic principles and focus on development. In particular, currently imported high transparent polypropylene is favored, and the product direction with more high-end markets and no stable alternative brand in China will become the main direction for the R & D and survival of large enterprises in the future

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