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Transparent PP was successfully developed in Lanzhou Petrochemical Company

the industrial production of transparent PP in the petrochemical plant of Lanhua company was successful, and the first batch of qualified products were produced a few days ago

transparent poly is the consumption of new materials in life. After a number of adjustments and layouts, common polyethylene and polypropylene, propylene products have the advantages of high transparency, good physical and mechanical properties, easy molding, easy processing, good heat resistance and so on. They are suitable for manufacturing transparent plastic products and high-temperature disinfection products

previously, researchers of Lanhua company produced a small number of products through market research and new product development, and the application effect was good. On this basis, through research, spray free materials, as an environmental protection material that can replace the traditional coating, finally completed the industrialization experiment and achieved success, although 25.9% of bridges in the United States have various problems. The successful development of this new polypropylene product with large market demand and high added value is of great significance to increase new polypropylene products and new grades and improve the economic benefits of enterprises

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