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Transportation packaging industry has unlimited scenery

first, the development history and current situation of transportation packaging industry

transportation packaging is also known as industrial packaging, in which container packaging enterprises are an important part of the transportation packaging industry. With the reform and opening up of China, the transportation and packaging industry has experienced three stages of great changes. The first stage was from the mid to late 1980s, when China realized the transformation from a planned economy to a market economy. The state abolished the parity timber index distribution policy that constrained the development of the transportation and packaging industry, thus completely breaking the situation of packaging box processing dominated by timber companies in the material system. During this period, individual and private packaging enterprises increased rapidly, but the packaging quality did not improve significantly; The second stage was in the 1990s, during which the packaging branches of most state-owned enterprises were cancelled or restructured and replaced by professional packaging enterprises. At the same time, with the increase of export volume of foreign-funded enterprises, professional transportation and packaging enterprises that meet higher packaging requirements began to be established, and a large number of backward individual enterprises were eliminated; In the third stage, after China's entry into WTO, a group of professional transportation and packaging enterprises that adapt to the new requirements and adopt international advanced management methods and more advanced production equipment began to appear, and they are rapidly approaching the international advanced level in the design of packaging boxes and packaging technologies such as shockproof and rust prevention

the transportation packaging industry is mainly composed of wood packaging production enterprises, carton production enterprises, steel barrel production enterprises, etc., while carton factories and steel barrel factories are generally just product production enterprises and do not participate in the packaging process. As a professional packaging enterprise, in addition to the processing of wooden cases, it also needs to carry out various internal protective packaging, the fixation of internal contents and the painting of box surface marks. Especially for the packaging of mechanical and electrical products and all kinds of valuables, the internal and external packaging should be a complete whole, and its operation process cannot be completed separately

the current packaging enterprises in China are generally small in scale, the vast majority of which are less than 50 people, and their annual output value is mostly within 5million yuan. There are very few more than 10million yuan, and the degree of packaging specialization is still very weak

with the rapid growth of China's national economy and the rapid growth of annual export volume, packaging enterprises need to adapt to and meet this growing demand. For a long time, the transportation and packaging industry has lagged behind the product production industry to a large extent. However, it also provides better market conditions and greater development space for today's transportation and packaging enterprises

II. Problems in the transportation and packaging industry

compared with foreign countries, there is a large gap in China's transportation and packaging industry, mainly in the following aspects:

1 There is a serious shortage of packaging technicians

due to the small scale and relatively backward conditions of transportation and packaging enterprises, few technicians graduated from university can work in packaging enterprises for a long time, and most packaging enterprises have no management personnel, not even a college graduate. At present, there is no training institution for professional packaging technical workers in China. The level of knowledge and skills of workers is very low, and the mobility of workers is very high

foreign major industrial developed countries generally have special training institutions, which not only train and hire packaging technicians, but also train and hire workers with professional skills. For example, the all Japan packaging industry association holds the training and examination of packaging managers and packaging technicians every two years

the low level of packaging technology seriously affects the improvement of packaging specialization, and also hinders the development of logistics industry

2. Packaging materials and special production equipment are poor

in recent years, the variety and quantity of packaging materials in China have developed rapidly, but there is still a very large gap in their variety and quality compared with foreign countries. For example, although national standards have been formulated for lifting guard iron and ventilation window as packaging accessories, there is no professional enterprise to produce them. As the main material of wood packaging, wood has been restricted by most countries in the world. China has developed and produced an ideal new packaging material - laminated veneer lumber, but it has not been widely recognized and promoted

the quality of plywood and other conventional materials as the main packaging materials is far from the provisions of national standards, which is mainly restricted by price and cost, which is related to our overall economic level

although there are many kinds of packaging machinery and their quality is also very good, there are still a few enterprises that can be equipped with good equipment, and most enterprises still use backward equipment and tools

3. The industry management organization of transportation and packaging does not meet the needs of enterprises

most of the industry management institutions of transportation and packaging in China are government institutions. Although some have been restructured into enterprises or non-governmental organizations, their personnel and functions have not changed much, and they still retain the government behavior in the planned economy period. Compared with foreign industrial organizations mainly composed of leading enterprises, their functions and roles are greatly different, which is far from what enterprises want and what enterprises need, This has brought many adverse effects on the development of the transportation and packaging industry. This problem is being solved with the reform of the functions of our government institutions

III. standardization of transportation packaging

the industrial organizations of transportation packaging in China are mainly the transportation packaging sub committee until normal and the packaging Standardization Technical Committee under the China Packaging Technology Association, which play a major role in planning and guiding the development of transportation packaging in China. Other departments such as machinery industry association and Commodity Inspection Association also have packaging branches to undertake specific work related to them

China's packaging standard system has been relatively perfect, and its types and quantity have even surpassed those of industrialized countries, but there is still a very big gap in the quality level of the standard itself, especially in the publicity and implementation after the formulation of the standard

the preparation and revision of packaging standards are mainly in the charge of scientific research institutes affiliated to various ministries and commissions. There are almost no standards for packaging countries where manufacturers can provide upgrades of new technologies and are directly approved and drafted by production enterprises. The funds for the preparation and revision of standards are mainly provided by government departments, so scientific research institutes hope to get more preparation and revision projects, but there is little research and testing in the formulation process, and even some foreign standards that are already very backward have been directly translated into our national standards

most transportation and packaging enterprises do not pay enough attention to standards, and mainly rely on experience in product design and production. There are even fewer enterprises that have formulated enterprise standards

IV. The role of transportation packaging in the logistics process and its development prospects

transportation packaging plays an extremely important role in the logistics process. It connects all links of the logistics process, so that commodities are protected in the process of transfer

the following factors should be considered when designing transportation packaging:

1 Requirements of the contents themselves: such as mold proof, rust proof, shock proof, anti-static, etc

2. Adaptability of loading and unloading machinery and loading and unloading methods, such as forklift operation, crane operation and manual loading and unloading

3. Storage adaptability, such as the legibility of shipping marks and marks, the adaptability of storage sites and facilities, etc

4. Adaptability of means of transportation, such as air, sea and land transportation

5. Adaptability of packaging operations, such as the convenience of secondary packaging of turnover boxes and exhibition items

the above lists all the links in the logistics process, from which the cost has decreased by 5% to 20%, we can also see the importance of transportation packaging in the logistics process

there are many highly professional transportation and packaging industry bases, warehousing bases, and logistics centers integrating warehousing, distribution, transportation, etc. in foreign countries

many places in China now change the original transportation freight yard to logistics center, and some change the wholesale market to logistics center. Although this is very different from the logistics center in the real sense, it marks the beginning of the great development of the industry after all. There is a lot of work to do in the improvement and development of the logistics industry, and there are many opportunities waiting for the pioneers

for a long time, people have despised packaging, causing our country, enterprises and individuals to suffer many undue losses every year. Now more and more people and enterprises realize the importance of packaging. The next 5 ~ 10 years will be a period of brilliant development for China's transportation and packaging industry. With the development of the national economy, it is necessary for some professional transportation and packaging enterprises with strong technical force, advanced equipment and strong production capacity to adapt to it. At present, China is participating in more and more foreign large-scale exhibition projects and undertaking more and more foreign large-scale engineering projects. Therefore, transportation and packaging enterprises will also go abroad and enter the international market

in the face of huge market opportunities, the transportation and packaging industry is looking forward to more professional and technical personnel joining the ranks, and large-scale professional transportation and packaging enterprises stand out, leading China's brand-new transportation and packaging industry into the international market

source of information: logistics technology and application

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