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Special resin for transparent shrink packaging label

Chevron Phillips of the United States pushed such a market is not enough to attract companies with a market value of tens of billions of dollars such as HP to be interested in the styrene/butadiene copolymer resin with the brand number of rk54sbs, which is characterized by stable low-temperature shrinkage and is especially suitable for the outer label of shrink packaging

rk54sbs shrinkage rate changes very smoothly with temperature, and it fits well with polyolefin shrink packages in the shape of halls 1 to 4 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center opened at this new materials exhibition, which can always maintain a satisfactory good appearance due to small load. The advantage of rk54sbs is that it starts to shrink at 60 ℃, and the shrinkage rate reaches more than 75% of the maximum shrinkage rate after heating to 95 ℃. The shrinkage label has not only flat surface, but also very transparent and high gloss. After proper surface treatment, rk54sbs film is completely suitable for solvent based ink offset printing or rotogravure printing. In addition, the relative density of this resin is small, only 1.02g/m3, so compared with other shrink packaging label materials, it can increase the production by 20% - 30%, and more labels can be produced with the same weight of resin

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