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Transportation equipment: adhere to independent development to achieve South Korea's automobile industry

from assembly plants to world leaders, adhere to independent achievement of South Korea's automobile industry

the development of South Korea's automobile industry belongs to an industry led development model, with independent development, independent construction, independent production and independent sales as the guiding ideology. Although at the beginning of the establishment of the whole industry, the Korean automobile industry did not have complete automobile design and manufacturing technology, and only through technology transfer from foreign enterprises, in order to ensure the independent development of the national automobile industry, Korean enterprises adhere to independent innovation, adhere to the independence of enterprises and the bottom line of voice. Usually, when we do experiments, we form and seem to be conducive to mass production into our own independent technology research and development ability, In 2017, the Korean national brand Hyundai Kia automobile group sold more than 7million vehicles worldwide, making it the fifth largest automobile group in the world. We believe that adhering to independent development has achieved the South Korean automobile industry from behind. Chinese independent automobile enterprises need to adhere to the path of independent development and can pay attention to excellent independent brand vehicle and parts enterprises

government industrial policy support, vehicle and parts enterprises work together to promote the rise of South Korea's automobile industry

the development process is tortuous, and many factors contribute to the rise of South Korea's automobile industry. South Korea's automobile industry has experienced the process of importing parts and components to assemble automobiles and accumulating automobile manufacturing technology; Absorb and digest foreign capital technology and improve the degree of localization; Professional division of labor to improve production capacity, deregulate and enter the international market; The article also reported that the device had been used in seven patients in four stages of Kia international brand. Throughout the development process, the government has actively guided by policies to cultivate and develop modern Mobis, Wandu and other parts enterprises that master core technologies. On the premise of absorbing foreign capital technology, vehicle enterprises continue to improve their localization level and adhere to independent development. At the same time, the government has liberalized foreign capital access in stages, fully competed, improved the R & D level of local enterprises using electronic tensile testing machines, and promoted the introduction of new models and technologies, Accelerated the internationalization process of Korean cars

as a late developing country in the automotive industry, China's independent auto enterprises need to adhere to the independent development route

China's automotive industry has long been an industry dependent development model, that is, it mainly depends on the capital and technology of developed countries and lacks autonomy. For a long time, the sales list of Chinese auto enterprises has been occupied by joint venture brands. According to the data of the China Association of passenger cars, among the top ten auto enterprises in 2017, the top five are joint ventures, with independent brands and and respectively ranking six to eight. Although some joint venture car enterprises have achieved a localization rate of more than 90% of the imported models, they have failed to overcome the dependence on foreign technology and form their own development capabilities and independent intellectual property brands. We believe that through independent development, some Chinese independent car enterprises, such as Geely Automobile, SAIC passenger car and GAC passenger car, are constantly walking out of the development path of positive development, and are expected to achieve continuous improvement of market share at home and abroad in the future

learning from the lessons of the decline in the sales of Korean cars in China, independent car companies need to improve the level of model configuration

in 2017, disturbed by the slowdown in the industry and the THAAD incident in South Korea, the sales of Korean Hyundai and Kia models in China fell sharply by 31% and 45% year-on-year, respectively. At the same time, the overall market share of Korean cars in the Chinese market gradually fell from 8.96% in the peak period of 2014 to 4.63%. We believe that the apparent factors of the decline in the sales of Korean cars are mainly the slowdown in the growth of the industry and the disturbance of political factors. The deep-seated reasons are the continuous improvement of the strength of Chinese independent brands, and the continuous downward movement of American and German joint venture brands, which leads to the decline in the cost performance of Korean car products. In the future, Chinese independent car enterprises need to learn the lessons of the decline in the sales of Korean cars, improve the level of model configuration, and enhance product competitiveness

Korean cars will trade in volume with price, and Chinese advantageous parts enterprises may meet new development opportunities.

according to our industry research, Korean enterprises will strengthen the localization development of models in the future and reduce the price to promote sales in order to boost the sales level in China and improve the capacity utilization of their factories in China. We believe that the price reduction of Korean models may further intensify the competition in China's passenger car market, and independent car companies need to improve the level of model configuration to meet the challenge. On the other hand, under the pressure of cost, Korean cars may increase the supply proportion of local parts in China in the future, with a view to reducing costs and improving profit margins. We believe that if the supply system of Korean car enterprises is further opened, we can pay attention to excellent independent parts enterprises such as,, and for Chinese local advantageous parts enterprises or opportunities

risk tips: the growth is less than expected, the development of Chinese independent auto enterprises is less than expected, the progress of Korean auto enterprises in purchasing Chinese local parts is less than expected, and the development of parts enterprises is less than expected

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