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Baoneng fully took over the letter of "maintaining stability" issued by CSG to all employees.

Baoneng issued the letter of "suing all employees of CSG group" in the name of CSG a on November 16, accusing the former management of harming the interests of the company and bewitching the employees of the company. At the same time, it welcomed the employees who had previously resigned to come back

the employee letter also makes four plans: Baoneng will provide capital support, promote employee incentive plan, strive to develop CSG into a comprehensive holding group with revenue of more than 100 billion and profit of more than 10 billion, and also plans to implement the functional transformation of headquarters management organization

in addition, part a of the resigned executives of CSG have begun to hand over their work. Chen Lin, the acting chairman, held a meeting with his subordinate factories by video this afternoon to stabilize the morale of the army

the letter to all employees mainly includes three aspects: first, the responsibility of wood plastic materials has a broad stage relying on the characteristics of "environmental protection, waterproof, mildew proof, easy installation", etc. the former managers harm the interests of the company; second, they call on the former employees to come back and promise compensation; third, the four point plan for CSG

told all employees that recently, there were some unstable factors in the company. Some forces, for their own self-interest, planned and organized to pull all the backbones out of the CSG system, secretly colluded with a listed company, and tried to bear the torque. After the force measuring pointer has turned, it will build a glass kingdom to compete with CSG, resulting in the death of CSG, completely ignoring the fundamental interests of all of us

in addition, the letter to all employees also said that the board of directors changes every few years, which is essentially not directly related to our ordinary employees. No matter how we change, someone must work in the factory. But now, the middle and senior management of our factory are being coerced by some force and suppressed by some power, so that everyone can make the so-called "choice". The so-called "statement" introduced by Luo Wen is actually kidnapping everyone to leave the CSG platform

for the employees who were forced to leave, they told all the employees in the letter that as long as they did not do anything harmful to the company's interests, the company welcomed them back, the treatment remained unchanged, and the work was properly arranged. Those who left were paid back as early as November 2016. If they did not receive compensation at the time of leaving, their length of service would continue to be calculated after returning

the letter promised that on the basis of maintaining its existing advantageous businesses, CSG would continue to expand new businesses and fields, become bigger and stronger, and strive to develop CSG into a comprehensive new industrial holding group with sales revenue of more than 100 billion and profits of more than 10 billion as soon as possible

Qianhai life insurance and its shareholder Baoneng group, as a group based on industry and linked by finance, will firmly become a strategic investor of CSG and hold it for a long time; Give full play to the huge resources and capital advantages of shareholders, integrate industry resources, and maximize support for the horizontal and vertical development of CSG around the industrial chain

the letter to all employees also mentioned another shareholder of CSG, saying that it would actively promote the implementation of the "going out" strategy and further expand CSG's overseas operations with the help of the international business network and resources of the shareholder northern company

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