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Electromechanical valves have ushered in new development space

the integrated development of electromechanical valves has ushered in new opportunities and turning points. The market demand for electromechanical valves has begun to increase, and there is still potential development space in the market. However, as for the quality of products, the research team has recently adopted the reactive extrusion method to realize the one-step green preparation of polylactic acid polyurethane elastomers, and the requirements are higher. The integration of mechanical and electrical valves has ushered in new opportunities and turning points. The market demand for mechanical and electrical valves has begun to increase. The market still has potential development space, but at the same time, the quality and requirements of products have become higher and higher

in terms of operating efficiency, exceeding the standards set by the United States and saving energy consumption, the application of automatic control valve is an indispensable link. The installation cost and efficiency of manual valve commonly used in traditional industry are lower than that of electric valve and pneumatic valve. Some media say that electric valves have become the mainstream products in the valve market

in industrial processes, valves are mostly used to control the travel and flow of various fluids, such as water, oil, chemical liquids, etc., based on parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow. The control valves commonly used in the factory include pressure reducing valve, pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve, solenoid valve constant temperature system, pneumatic diaphragm valve constant temperature system, temperature control valve and other types. When selecting various automatic valves, factors such as the type of heat engine, required accuracy, quality, pressure drop, flow and structure of control valve, failure rate, manufacturer's credit and after-sales service before use shall be considered to achieve the purpose of economy and practicality

electric valves and pneumatic valves have the advantages of easy assembly, low failure rate and meeting the automation needs of the industry. Simple and easy installation can save them. However, these enterprises are mostly distributed in different regions, and other costs make them more competitive and viable

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