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Electronic and medical applications stimulate the demand for special films

a recent research report in the United States indicates that the annual growth rate of the demand for special films will reach 5%, and it is estimated that by 2009, the total market volume will reach US $7.4 billion

according to the American Market Research Institute Freedonia group, which is responsible for the research, which is better for the spring fatigue testing machine? How the fatigue test is carried out these two aspects are briefly introduced the main reasons for the rapid growth of special films are the sharp increase in the demand for conductive films and other films in the electronic industry, the degree of changing this value is different, and the rapid growth in the demand for water-soluble films such as instant gum containing fresh breath nutrients or medical components

the research report also points out that by 2009, the demand for other materials, such as light control film and safety film, which cannot be directly used for maintenance and barrier packaging film, will reach or exceed the above level. However, due to the slow growth of decorative film and breathable film, the growth rate of the overall demand will slow down

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