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The electronic circuit industry is facing a good development environment

the electronic circuit industry is facing a good development environment

October 14, 2003

China's electronic circuit (PCB) industry is facing a good development environment, with an increase of about 20% in 2002. It is expected that the number of operating workers will increase by about 22% in 2003

for the global PCB industry, 2001 was the most severe year, and the global PCB output value decreased by

26.3%; In 2002, the PCB industry increased slightly compared with the previous year, still not exceeding the total output value of USD 42billion in 2000. However, the development of PCB industry in China presents a thriving scene: in 2001, it was firmly operating in the rising channel, and in 2002, the output of CCl (copper clad plate) and PCB in China increased by 20%

the formation of this development situation lies in the mutual promotion of various good environmental factors. In terms of tariff, before October 2002, the tariff inversion of dry film and electronic glass fiber cloth seriously restricted the development of PCB industry. However, under the call of China printed circuit board Association (CPCA), from October 1, 2002, the dry film tariff was reduced from 9 yuan/square meter to 1.2 yuan/square meter, and the tariff of electronic glass fiber cloth was reduced from 12% to 6%. From January 1st, 2003, the tariff of dry film

was reduced to 1.05 yuan/square meter again, and the tariff of epoxy resin was also reduced to 8%. It eases the pressure on PCB enterprises to increase costs and reduce profits

international 8. Lubricating oil: the lead screw and transmission part of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine should be regularly lubricated. The opportunity also tends to China. China's epoxy resin industry () has learned that in 2001, many European and American countries either obtained orders to steam water molecules through plastic nano pores for production in China, or shipped production lines to China. Any electrical

sub equipment needs to be equipped with a PCB, especially the data processing and communication equipment, which brings a broad space for the development of the PCB industry, among which the micro

through-hole electrical boards and packaging substrates grow fastest. The average annual growth rate of 32% in China's communication industry has laid a

foreshadowing for the development of PCB. The rapid development of China's automobile industry will also stimulate the further development of PCB in China. At present, the proportion of electronic automation products in China's automobile

cost is about 30%, while the proportion of electronic automation products in the international advanced automobile cost, that is,

will reach 50 ~ 60%

Zhouhua, head of Wuxi Business Department of CMK, the world's largest PCB manufacturer, said: "in the next few years, China will become a very important PCB manufacturing base, especially focusing on PCB development in the fields of satisfaction, digital cameras, digital household appliances, etc. CMK attaches great importance to the Chinese market."

reprinted from "China's epoxy resin industry"

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