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The "one size fits all" adjustment of electricity price is difficult for Industry and commerce or to meet major benefits

with the arrival of the peak of electricity consumption in summer, any "wind and grass" of electricity price will stir up the nerves of the market

On June 6, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice, deciding to gradually adjust the classification structure of sales electricity prices and standardize the scope of application of various sales electricity prices

according to media reports, Guizhou has reduced the electricity price by 2 cents in the name of direct power supply by large users, and Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia have also begun to calculate the reduction range of electricity price. However, in a recent interview with China business daily in Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, the local power departments said that they had not received the relevant notice from the higher authorities on the calculation of electricity price reduction

however, as the price of power coal has been falling, the market is increasingly expecting a reduction in power prices

"at present, we have not received the notice of price adjustment, but it is possible to reduce the price." A staff member of Xianyang Branch of Shaanxi local power (Group) company said that from the perspective of electricity price composition, there are many factors affecting electricity price. Even if it is reduced, it will not be "one size fits all" in the simple sense

it is noted that according to the adjusted classification structure of sales electricity price, the price of industrial and commercial electricity will decline, while the price of agricultural irrigation and other electricity that was originally low may rise

it is difficult to reduce the short-term electricity price.

"it has been said that the electricity price may decrease due to the increased pressure. We have all gone to the power supply bureau, but they said that they have not received the above price reduction notice." The person in charge of a cold storage enterprise that operates cold storage in Xianyang city told me

it is not a single event for enterprises with high electricity price similar to cold storage to inquire about price reduction at power supply stations. Relevant persons from power supply stations in the region said that such inquiries have been everywhere this year

however, what these inquirers may not know is that power supply enterprises have no right to intervene in prices. "The price bureau, or the national development and Reform Commission, determines the rise and fall of electricity prices." Said Chu Hong, director of Shaanxi electric power company

the expected rise of the market for the reduction of electricity prices is not unrelated to the continuous decline of coal prices in the past six months. By the end of late May, the closing price of Qinhuangdao port, Datong youhunhe 50 kcal of tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value and yield strength had decreased by 21.8%, 21.7% and 22.8% respectively year on year. According to the principle of "coal electricity linkage", this provides a basis for power price reduction

on the other hand, the pace of promoting the reform of the power system is obviously accelerating. First, the Electricity Regulatory Commission was incorporated into the Energy Bureau, and then the link electricity price of the logistics industry was reduced. In may2013, the State Council approved the opinions of the national development and Reform Commission on the key work of deepening economic system reform in 2013, which clearly proposed to promote the reform of electricity prices, simplify the classification of sales electricity prices, expand the implementation scope of the same price for industrial and commercial electricity, and improve the linkage mechanism of coal electricity prices and the price formation mechanism of hydropower and nuclear power. On June 6, the State Council soon issued a document to adjust the classification structure of sales electricity price

however, there are still practical obstacles between trend and implementation

"even if the price is reduced, it is not a simple reduction as people usually think." The staff of the above power supply station said that the composition structure of electricity price is very complex, and there are many separate standards. For example, as a general industrial power supply, in Shaanxi Province, the price of less than 1kV is 0.8042 yuan/kWh, the price of 1~10 kV is 0.7842 yuan/kWh, and the price of 35 kV is as low as 0.7642 yuan/kWh... Therefore, even in the same industry, the price is different according to the ratio of voltage

"moreover, even if the price is adjusted, it is impossible to reduce the price at the transmission and distribution end." The staff of the above power supply station also said that at present, in addition to the power generation cost, the electricity price sold also includes many additional costs, such as the urban public utilities surcharge, the Three Gorges construction fund and the agricultural loan repayment fund. In his opinion, the electricity price increase is a possible "breakthrough", but he stressed that at present, he has not received any notice from the higher authorities on the reduction of electricity price

a number of power generation enterprises in Baotou, Inner Mongolia said that up to now, no notice of price reduction has been received

a manager of Baotou No.2 Power Plant in Inner Mongolia told that from the appearance, the price of power coal is falling deeply, and the power generation enterprises seem to be making a lot of money. However, before that, power generation enterprises suffered serious losses due to the price of power coal, especially the rising price of coal in 2011. "The direct consequence is that enterprises choose to generate less power, which later led to a 'power shortage' in various provinces." He said

although the coal price has fallen this year, the pressure from energy-saving transformation has increased

"in order to protect the environment, the state has paid close attention to the desulfurization and de marketing of power enterprises. A large number of old power generation equipment need to be replaced." In the view of the above people from Baotou No. 2 power plant, the profits of power generation enterprises are not as big as zhengyueming thought. The possibility of lowering the electricity price will not be very large

favorable to industry and Commerce

although the specific adjustment of power price has yet to be implemented, the reform direction of gradually forming a market-oriented power supply system and price system is clear

after the adjustment of the electricity price classification structure on June 6, the current eight categories of sales electricity prices for residential living, non residential lighting, commerce, non industry, general industry, large industry and agricultural production are gradually merged into three electricity consumption categories: residential living, agricultural production, industry and Commerce and other electricity consumption categories, and each category is classified according to the electricity load characteristics. This measure will be the first to start the "redistribution" of interests within power enterprises

a staff member from the power consumption Department of Xianyang Branch of Shaanxi local power (Group) company said to that China's electricity price has been subsidized by cross subsidies for a long time, that is, high electricity price subsidizes low electricity price. However, according to the relevant documents of the electricity price classification structure adjustment, it is to improve and perfect the sales electricity price system, promote the fair burden of power users, and reasonably allocate power resources

according to the obtained electricity sales price table of Shaanxi Province, if the categories are divided, there are currently more than 10 categories of sales prices in Shaanxi Province, of which the highest price is 0.8042 yuan/kWh for general industrial and commercial electricity (less than 1KV), the lowest price is 0.2005 yuan/kWh for deep well and high lift agricultural drainage and irrigation (more than 300m lift), and the difference between the prices of industrial and commercial electricity and agricultural drainage and irrigation is nearly 4 times

if adjusted according to the classification structure of this electricity price, once the agricultural drainage and irrigation electricity price is implemented according to the agricultural production electricity, the electricity price will rise from 0.2005 yuan/kWh to 0.4585 yuan/kWh. But for Industry and commerce, it is a different picture

"among them, a lower price may be adopted to uniformly implement the industrial and commercial electricity price." Shaanxi electric power industry said

in Shaanxi Province, commercial power, general industrial power and non industrial power have been consolidated into general industrial and commercial power, and the price was adjusted to 0.7799 yuan/kWh on July 10, 2012 in accordance with the document [sjsf No. 201280]. This price level is 0.181 yuan/kWh lower than the previous non industrial price of 0.7980 yuan/kWh

"the average electricity price in China is not high compared with that in other countries, but the industrial and commercial electricity consumption is higher than that in other countries. Therefore, the electricity price structure adjustment is mainly to make the electricity price tend to be intermediate, so as to benefit industry and Commerce and stimulate economic development." Said the staff of Xianyang Branch of Shaanxi local power (Group) company

according to the current "peak valley time of use" sales electricity price table of Shaanxi Province, the average period of electricity consumption for both large industries and calcium carbide production is between 0.5 yuan and 0.6 yuan/kWh

according to the structural adjustment plan of this electricity price, the above insiders said that this adjustment will be absolutely good for Industry and commerce, but for agricultural production, agricultural irrigation will bear the risk of price rise

on June 20, Xi'an Power Supply Bureau disclosed at the briefing on the summer peak in Xi'an that since the implementation of step tariff in Shaanxi, the overall sales tariff has increased, which is mainly reflected in the fact that residents open the oil return valve to make the piston fall back to the domestic electricity. This year, with the arrival of the peak period of power consumption, the residential power consumption will increase sharply, and the price rise will be more obvious

this time, we will promote the structural adjustment of sales electricity price classification and standardize the scope of application of various electricity prices, which will not only involve the adjustment of interests among power users, but also open the speed-up gate of electricity price reform

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