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China's electronic instrument market is facing a new "reshuffle"

with the announcement of the joint venture between Agilent technology and Chengdu Qianfeng electronic and Electrical Appliance Group Co., Ltd., the localization strategy of international electronic measuring instrument giants has made substantial progress. Prior to that, as international well-known manufacturers in the field of measuring instruments, Teck and thalida have successively established local factories in China. These actions undoubtedly bring difficulties to domestic electronic instrument enterprises to ensure full coverage; In addition, after the institutional reform, there are more severe challenges

the incremental market attracts foreign manufacturers

electronic instruments are the basic means to measure and control the information of the material world. You can consult the manufacturer. It integrates a series of technologies such as microelectronics, computer, communication, networking, new element devices, new materials and design and manufacturing. It is one of the products with the most and fastest application of new technologies in modern industrial products. The U.S. Department of Commerce once said: "the total output value of measuring instruments and meters accounts for only 4% of the total industrial output value, but its impact on the gross national product is 66%." From this, we can see that the basic position of electronic instruments is incomparable to other electronic products

during the interview, almost all the answers contained one sentence, that is, "China's electronic measuring instrument market has become one of the most potential electronic measuring instrument markets in the world". Relevant experts predict that in the next 12 years, 50million TV sets in China will need to be upgraded, which will give birth to an incremental market of hundreds of billions of yuan. In recent years, digital cameras have been growing at an alarming rate, with an estimated increase of more than 20% in 2004. The rapid growth of these digital consumer electronic products has brought new opportunities to electronic instrument enterprises. The development of China's communication industry is also commendable. It is predicted that by 2006, China will produce 250million mobile phones every year, which will bring a "blowout" demand for communication testing instruments. In addition, the rapid development of China's semiconductor industry has created a huge demand for the medium and high-end IC test system market. In the next few years, China's integrated tester and system market will reach more than 50billion yuan. New display device testing, automotive electronic testing and other fields also provide a good stage for electronic instruments

foreign manufacturers' understanding of the Chinese market can be described as insightful. In order to maximize their interests, foreign manufacturers have successively "rooted" their factories in China. It is understood that the cooperation between Agilent and Qianfeng will provide electronic testing and measuring instruments for China and the global communication market. The relevant person in charge of the joint venture said that the joint venture is the first joint venture with a Chinese company in the field of testing and measurement, which includes all business functions such as production, R & D and marketing. The professional skills and local experience of Qianfeng electronic appliance group will help Agilent Qianfeng Electronic Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. produce products that meet the needs of Chinese customers at a faster speed

according to insiders, the cooperation between Agilent and Qianfeng is not impulsive. As early as 2003, Agilent established Agilent wireless communication business department (CWO) in Zhongguancun, Beijing. As we all know, Agilent, as a "giant" in the instrument industry, has an absolute advantage in the R & D and production line testing of high-end products in the wireless communication field. However, communication testing is a big market. How to achieve a breakthrough in the field of medium and low-end products is also the subject of Agilent solution

the person said that in terms of technology, Agilent has no problem in occupying the middle and low-end product market, but its product costs cannot be reduced due to the impact of its operating system. Therefore, localization has become an effective way to reduce costs. In addition, Qianfeng has comparative advantages in technology, product line, management team, production conditions, human resources, corporate culture and many other aspects. Therefore, Agilent finally "settled" Qianfeng and established Agilent Qianfeng Electronic Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd

there is still room for the development of domestic instruments. Although the localization of the products of multinational instrument companies has brought advanced technology, it has also created taxes for the local polyurethane industry and solved the employment problem of some people. However, the impact of their entry on domestic electronic instrument enterprises is also self-evident

xuchunling, Secretary General of China Electronic Instrument Industry Association, expressed her views on this, He said: "The cooperation between large foreign companies and domestic enterprises in some projects can complement each other's advantages. Foreign companies have technological advantages, and we have the resource advantages of labor and production sites. The combination of the two can, on the one hand, improve the technical level of products and increase the variety of products; on the other hand, reduce the cost of products. However, the entry of foreign companies will make many domestic electronic instrument enterprises producing similar products more competitive Both in terms of technology and price, we have to face more severe challenges. " According to analysis, there are two main gaps between domestic electronic instruments and foreign products: one is the vacancy in product categories, such as digital audio-visual testing instruments, new component testing instruments, communication testing instruments, etc; Second, there is a shortage of medium and high-end products. Domestic electronic instruments have a certain market in the medium and low-end fields, such as signal generators, power supplies and analog oscilloscopes, but in the high-end fields, they are still the world of Agilent, tech and other foreign old brand electronic instrument manufacturers

although the gap is very large, the piston rises greatly due to the oil supply from the high-pressure oil pump to the oil cylinder, domestic electronic instruments still have their own advantages. Xuchunling said, "in recent years, the sales volume of electronic instruments in China has increased by more than 20% every year. Compared with foreign products, the main advantage of both medium and low-grade products and the high-grade products we have developed is that they have high cost performance, especially the high-grade products have several times higher cost performance than foreign products."

another domestic expert in the field of electronic instruments also expressed the same view. He said that the advantage of domestic electronic instruments is that the product price is low, usually two-thirds to one-half of the import price, and the after-sales service is timely and the maintenance time is short. Most of them are device level maintenance, so the cost is very low. However, most of the products of foreign instrument companies are replaced at the whole piece and component level, so the instrument maintenance cost is too high

domestic manufacturers should not take it lightly

in the face of China's rapidly developing electronic measuring instrument market, electronic measuring instrument enterprises will accelerate the pace of technological progress and market development, strive to do a good job in the development of domestic and foreign markets, and truly strengthen and expand China's electronic measuring instrument industry

wangbohua, Department of electronic information products management of the Ministry of information industry, told: "how to let China's electronic instrument enterprises get out of the trough and have a place in the market competition, first of all, we should strengthen research and development and make marketable new instruments; second, we should change the mechanism and establish a rapid market response mechanism; finally, it is also very important to pay attention to the cultivation of talents." Xuchunling has a deeper understanding of talents, He said: "talent is a problem that needs to be solved urgently in the domestic electronic instrument industry. Electronic instrument products are almost integrated into all high and new technologies. The technical leaders in this industry should have two qualities: one is the ability to think macroscopically, that is, to grasp the product development direction and market ability; the other is the ability to design independently, that is, to develop independent intellectual property rights, rather than imitation ability." In addition to the reserve of talents, domestic electronic instruments should also make greater efforts to adapt to the market and adjust the product structure. Some experts pointed out that domestic enterprises should formulate practical development strategies for the international and domestic markets, select the most critical, representative and technologically based products of electronic instruments that can be industrialized in the next few years as a breakthrough, and further expand the product market; Strive to improve the innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises, and make fundamental changes in the level of domestic products in medium and low-grade products and high-grade products represented by RF, microwave and millimeter wave; In terms of product structure adjustment, high-end measuring instruments represented by RF, microwave and millimeter wave are added to make the product level reach the international advanced level in the same period

in addition, the preferential policies of the state are also a topic of general concern for people in the electronic instrument industry. Ma xubiao, general manager of Sichuan Qianfeng electronic instrument factory, said that the state should exercise strong leadership in the electronic instrument industry, and implement special preferential policies for the electronic instrument industry, such as giving preferential policies in terms of technological transformation, capital investment and loans, reducing or exempting business tax and value-added tax for electronic instrument enterprises, and using the amount of the reduction or exemption to their own development funds. In addition, the state should also give good guidance and preferential policies to electronic instrument enterprises in terms of export. He further stressed that although the national policy is essential, the ultimate goal is the enterprise. Only by solving their own problems can enterprises remain invincible in the more fierce market competition. For example, enterprises and research institutes such as Qianfeng electronic instrument factory and the 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation, which are leading in technology in the domestic electronic instrument industry, should pay attention to solving market problems; As for the electronic instrument factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces with good market-oriented operation, technology upgrading is an urgent problem to be solved

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