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Electronic manufacturing equipment: pay attention to demand changes and reduce operating costs

the international financial crisis has made the electronic manufacturing industry suffer. Although the recovery of the industry has come earlier than expected, the lack of skilled workers has constrained the development of enterprises. The shortage of human resources has led to an increase in the requirements of enterprises for production line automation. Equipment suppliers have shifted their development focus to help customers further reduce the use cost and improve the utilization rate of equipment

Park Zanhua, President and CEO of Meilu technology

China's LCD and LED market is optimistic

● the development of China's LCD and LED industry provides development opportunities for equipment manufacturers

● actively enter the Chinese market, and more enterprises expand investment in Southeast Asia

from the perspective of the LCD market, Chinese LCD Enterprises have begun to build 8 generation and above panel production lines. In terms of LED, South Korean Samsung took the lead in entering the LED market, and then Chinese enterprises began to enter the LED market. LED is used in LCD TV, display, lighting, modules, etc. it can be predicted that led has a huge market prospect

the lack of skilled workers makes the development of enterprises encounter certain obstacles, and has brought disadvantages to the production of enterprises. At present, China is facing a difficult situation of employment and talent seeking. The current situation is that enterprises must invest a lot of time and money to hire and collect talents. The lack of human resources leads to higher requirements for production line automation

the number of personnel can be reduced through the automation of the production line. By reducing the operating cost of manpower and increasing the investment in automation, the stability of product quality can be finally realized. However, the worrying problem is that when the operators of the production line change frequently, they must be retrained every time they are handed over, resulting in operating costs every time. The final solution to the human problem is to reduce the demand for personnel through automation

nowadays, China's domestic market has great potential. Many enterprises' strategic points are cheap labor and a huge domestic market. But now China's market demand has changed from quantitative growth to qualitative growth. Due to the implementation of the labor contract law and many other factors, the increase in labor costs has brought a burden to many enterprises. The labor cost advantage that enterprises initially enjoyed in China is decreasing. Now the enterprises that want to enter the Chinese market have seen this trend, and some enterprises have shifted their attention to Southeast Asia

the number of enterprises actively entering the Chinese market and expanding their investment in Southeast Asia is also increasing day by day. The enterprises entering China take the domestic market of China as the target and adopt the strategy of transferring production to Southeast Asia. American land technology has taken into account this changing situation and has set up offices around the world

the equipment of Meilu technology has three advantages. First, it is advanced in production. The AOI (automatic optical inspection) system of Meilu technology has the highest performance camera in the industry. It not only provides fast inspection speed, but also minimizes the time loss of equipment operation by reducing the defect rate and managing the remote control system. Second, the correct detection rate and the convenience of diversification. Third, quality management. The equipment of Meilu technology not only provides the best detection capability, but also provides customers with real-time analysis and solutions through the inspection results, so that customers can further improve and consolidate the productivity and stability

in the future, Meilu technology will follow the needs of customers and develop more specialized equipment and technology. There are two core technical goals of American land technology in 2010. First, the world's highest inspection speed. Second, customized products and technologies for customers. In 2010, the detection system of Meilu technology will provide ultra-high performance cameras to meet the production needs of customers for LCD, led and mobile PC

caiyichang, chairman of kaineng automation equipment Co., Ltd.

3c integration leads to new market demand

● how to meet customers' high requirements for equipment and provide excellent after-sales service is a problem faced by equipment suppliers

● as manufacturers continue to launch new consumer electronics products to stimulate market consumption demand, the recession will be improved

2009 is a difficult year, The financial tsunami has brought the global economy into a severe winter. With the arrival of 2010, the electronic manufacturing industry began to recover. Although the impact of the financial crisis still exists, opportunities are everywhere. Therefore, how to develop and survive in the crisis, how to meet customers' high requirements for equipment and provide excellent after-sales service are the main problems faced by equipment suppliers. As a leading agent of high-end equipment, in addition to continuing to introduce high-end, efficient, reliable and new products accepted by the market, Canon will also introduce new products that are environmentally friendly and can effectively reduce costs according to the current environment, and help customers through cost control schemes such as energy conservation and consumption reduction

with the update of electronic technology and the expansion of applications, as well as the rapid expansion of Internet, the demand for SSD disk drives will be pushed to the peak in the next few years. In addition, the global demand for computers and related parts will also rise sharply. In addition, the integration of computer, communication and consumer electronics will trigger a sharp increase in the demand for semiconductor products, and at the same time bring many opportunities to enter new markets and new products. Another point that cannot be ignored is that the rapid growth of the Asia Pacific economy and the increasing per capita income have driven strong demand for mobile and multimedia players, digital cameras and personal computers

from the perspective of potential factors, the high coverage of high-speed mobile data network makes the integrated product of laptop and 3G a new product to enter the market, and promotes the growth of electronics and communication industry. The network computer uses a low-cost chip and does not need a hard disk drive. Users can buy the network computer at a price far lower than the current personal computer, and use it for electronic communication, browsing charts, multimedia entertainment, etc. At present, several well-known computer companies that are challenging the carrying capacity of the environment are developing and selling relevant products, including Apple's iPad and Sony vaiox series

at present, as the demand for consumer electronics in the European and American markets is still weak, its prospects are still not optimistic, and the market recession may be prolonged for a period of time. However, as manufacturers continue to introduce new advanced consumer electronics products to stimulate consumer demand, their sluggish situation will improve


shunjiu Okamoto, general manager of Tokyo Heavy Machinery International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

electronic manufacturing has higher requirements for quality

● LED backlight and lighting show a rapid growth momentum

● the market scale of high-speed machines is expanding, and enterprises attach importance to high-performance equipment

since the end of last year, China has started the prelude to rapid economic recovery, especially for television, computers The LED business volume in the background shows an obvious momentum of rapid growth. It is predicted that the market scale of LED products with long service life and corresponding environmental protection demand will be expanded in the field of indoor and outdoor lighting and vehicle in the future

the labor shortage in coastal areas not only has a serious impact on the electronics industry, but also has a serious impact on all manufacturing plants. In the future, all enterprises should take training operators and stabilizing product quality as topics for discussion. In order to eliminate the impact of labor shortage, factories in coastal areas will accelerate equipment automation and transfer industries to inland China. Although some enterprises will consider transferring their industries out of China, with the further improvement of China's infrastructure, China's industries will further develop

with the recovery of the economy, the requirements for enterprises' real-time supply and real-time manufacturing capacity are further improved. JUKI (Tokyo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.) has long promoted the research and development of products with the concept of 3E (easy and convenient, economy and expansion), and can effectively and flexibly use existing assets due to the interchangeability of nozzles, feeders and production data. In addition, a perfect after-sales service system has become a major feature of JUKI to provide more detailed support services to customers

expanding the market scale of high-speed machines and realizing high-performance products have become the key development direction of enterprises. In addition, in the future, not only Japan, Europe and the United States, but also China and Asia will have increasingly higher expectations for improving product quality and reducing product defect rate. In order to meet customers' requirements for improving product quality, we will be committed to providing a variety of constructive solutions

wumingwei, sales manager of VJ electronix China

the price level reflects the equipment competitiveness

● having experienced the international financial crisis, enterprises pay more attention to the price when purchasing equipment

● improve product R & D and customer customization ability, and respond to new market demands

from the current feedback information, customers pay much more attention to the price when purchasing equipment than the performance itself. Because in the past few years, the development of technology is not very fast. Enterprises that have experienced the crisis are more cautious in purchasing equipment, so it is inevitable that they pay high attention to the price. Vjeelectronix has fully taken this trend into account. Through the continuous upgrading of products, the performance of low-level products can reach the level of the basic performance of the original high-level products, thus providing an option for customers to save costs, and making vjeelectronix's own profits not suffer too much loss. At the same time, the development of new equipment still lacking in the market provides a new growth point for the company's business expansion. The R & D of products and the ability of customers to customize products are the most competitive advantages of vjeelectronix in the field of repair and testing

vjeelectronix has been focusing on new technologies and new demands in the field of X-ray detection and BGA repair. In the field of X-ray detection, we will mainly provide customized equipment for the detection of various special devices, including the use of the newly developed X-ray source and the use of digital flat panel detector to replace the long-term image intensifier, so as to improve the image quality. In the BGA (ball grid array) repair field, in addition to meeting the special use requirements of customers and developing different types of special equipment and options, we have specially developed equipment to meet the future needs of customers according to the trend of miniaturization of circuits and components. This type of equipment will be introduced to the market in the second half of 2010, mainly for the repair of 0201 components in application fields such as, PDA and GPS, and the price will be more competitive than the large-scale equipment in the current market. Customers with this demand can pay close attention from now on

vjeelectronix will display two representative products on Nepcon: vertexa130x-ray detection equipment and summit1800bga repair equipment. These two devices have been exhibited in previous sessions, but changes in details can bring more benefits to customers. The vertex equipment on display this time is produced by VJ's Suzhou factory. While improving the supply capacity, the construction of the local team has further strengthened the ability to support local customers. When necessary, we can produce special X-ray machines according to customer requirements, rather than simple standard equipment. Summit equipment provides the option of automatic tin removal this time. For example, Anyang is a locally expanded part, which provides a better application means for Chinese customers in the BGA repair field, and is a good choice in improving the consistency of repair

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