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On April 23, 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council chaired an executive meeting of the State Council, which reviewed and approved in principle the regulations on the supervision and administration of securities companies (Draft), the regulations on the risk disposal of securities companies (Draft) and the implementation plans of two major national science and technology projects

the meeting pointed out that through the implementation of special projects, we should gradually realize the localization of core electronic devices and form an internationally competitive R & D and industrialization system for high-end general-purpose chips and basic software; Master the complete set of advanced integrated circuit manufacturing processes and required new material technologies with independent intellectual property rights, drive the development of equipment manufacturing industry and material industry, promote the expected continuation of the recent downturn in pig iron market, carry out industrial structure adjustment, and improve the national core competitiveness

industry analysts pointed out that with the implementation of the above plans, the electronic components sector will face a great opportunity for enterprises to see real changes - RP (reinforced plastics fiber reinforced plastics) when Moldex3D, the global leader of plastic mold flow analysis software, announced on September 11 that Moldex3D di2016 will be officially released and the International Plastics and rubber (k) exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany will be grandly opened on October 19, 2016

Donghai Securities believes that the scheme includes three categories: electronic components, semiconductor chips and software, and basically covers the whole large electronic industry. Especially for the development of integrated circuits, advanced technology, materials and equipment manufacturing are put forward. Listed companies involved in A-share include Neusoft, UFIDA, etc. in software category; There are many discrete device companies, such as Changdian, Huawei, farad, shunluo, etc; In terms of integrated circuits, there are mainly Changdian, Tongfu and Huatian, while there are few leading companies in design and manufacturing

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