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With the increase of electricity price, the frequency converter can launch a good energy-saving strategy in the near future.

at present, as an essential equipment in various industries of economic production, the frequency converter is widely used in various industries of production and life, especially in the power industry, which is inseparable from the frequency converter

with the recent increase of electricity price, the power consumption cost of enterprises will certainly increase due to the fundamental operation of hydraulic universal testing machine, which will clamp the samples in the jaws. Enterprises are bound to explore more energy-saving and emission reduction production methods. In the long run, the price increase may not only require the control of the dimensional tolerance of wire cores (cable cores), but also promote the further transformation and upgrading of enterprises to achieve low-carbon development. The increase of electricity price is extremely beneficial to the further energy-saving development of frequency converter

as an indispensable equipment in various industries of economic production, frequency converter is widely used in various fields of production and life, especially in the power industry, which is inseparable from frequency converter. According to statistics, since 2011, the national power generation has reached 2216.6 billion kwh in January, and the national total power generation has increased by 13.5% compared with the same period last year. The growth rate was only 16% lower than that in the first half of 2007, the second highest level since 2006. According to the operation of the power industry in the month announced by the industry, the national power demand is still strong, and all kinds of power consumption continue to grow rapidly. The increase of various generators has brought a quantitative and objective demand to the development of frequency converters, and the market potential is huge. In recent years, the localization rate of frequency converters in China has greatly increased, the price has decreased significantly, and the investment payback period has been shortened from the past years to about one year, laying the foundation for their large-scale application. Since the 11th five year plan, the state has issued a number of policies to support and promote frequency conversion technology. The energy conservation and environmental protection industry development plan issued lists six major areas led by energy-efficient technology and equipment as key support objects, including motor energy-saving equipment. All these provide policy guarantee for the application space of frequency converter in the next few years

we should make the frequency converter enterprises not only benefit, but also help other enterprises save energy with the frequency converter. Only in this way can there be new development. The development trend of frequency converter industry today is high frequency, digitalization, intelligence and energy saving. Energy saving is based on the development needs of the modern industry. Therefore, as an important power conversion component of the system, the frequency converter is not only facing a broad market, but also enterprises that are responsible for the increasing demand for energy saving outside the industry

as the economy will also decline to a certain extent and the cost will increase rapidly, there are higher requirements for frequency conversion energy saving. In the face of these, the new development of the frequency converter industry is becoming more and more important. Frequency converter enterprises should better establish the concept of energy saving. It is a very feasible development path for inverter safety protection enterprises in the future to take the energy-saving line of products as a banner

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