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to install the integrated wall and extend the decoration service life of the bamboo wood fiber integrated wall, we must first understand how the integrated wall is produced, whether the product quality of the integrated wall is qualified or not, and what is the qualification standard of the integrated wall? What is the production process of integrated wall? Consultation website: www.tscnqm com/? HS

I. production standard

let's talk about the production process of integrated wall. As for the production process of integrated wall, some people may know how to make the plates of integrated wall, but some people may not be very clear whether the production standard is strictly in accordance with the national industry standard, which affects the service life and service time of bamboo fiber integrated wall decoration. At ordinary times, the production process of integrated wallboard with holes in the middle and grooves on the back must be adopted

II. Raw materials

in fact, the main raw materials for integrated wall production are nothing more than resin powder, bamboo powder, wood powder, calcium powder and foaming agent, plus some other small formulas. As we all know, bamboo powder and wood powder are the main raw materials of wallboards. There are some relatively cheap miscellaneous integrated wall products, which are very economical in terms of raw materials. Therefore, the cost of some integrated walls that look the same is quite different. There are also some miscellaneous integrated walls that use a large number of color masterbatches. The colors produced by these materials will be very beautiful, but just like the food added with some additives in the TV report, they are beautiful but toxic

III. calcium powder

calcium powder is necessary. The main purpose of adding calcium powder to the raw materials of the integrated wall is to improve the flatness and strength of the plate, but calcium powder can't be added more, and the plate will be brittle if it is added more. In general, the integrated wall panels need to be flexible to extend the life of the integrated wall decoration. At least no matter how wide the panel is, it must be able to enter the elevator. If the elevator enters, it will fold. Obviously, this is a quality problem

IV. lamination

however, the wider the integrated wall panel is, it is not easy to bend, so when folding, try to avoid excessive bending. If the plate is excessively bent, it will cause deformation at the notch, and the film at the bend will stretch and peel. Here is a warm reminder that when bending, try to bend in the opposite direction to protect the positive effect from being affected

v. foaming agent

finally, foaming agent. Generally speaking, foaming agent is equivalent to yeast used in food. If foaming agent is used too much, the plate will appear thick, but in fact, it is light and floating. Therefore, there is a concept that must be clarified to everyone. The thicker the plate, the better

finally, I want to say that if you want to identify the service life of bamboo wood fiber integrated wall decoration, as well as the quality of the board, in fact, you still need to use standards to speak, such as flatness, height difference, straightness, wall thickness, etc. only when all indicators meet the standards can you say that they are qualified products

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