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Modern simple style: every place is the appearance of an ideal home

"one bite of pickled mustard, one bite of Erguotou, a stroll on a moBay, and a '9.9 free post' for shopping." when the listed companies brewing Erguotou and making pickled mustard in the first half of the year, the net profit increased by 70% year-on-year, and pinduoduo, with 340million users, earned more than 200 billion yuan in sales a year; Many people exclaimed: consumption has been downgraded

this wave is not flat, but that wave rises again. Bad intermediaries have pushed up rents in vicious competition, and rents in many cities have risen slowly, although local governments are vigorously investigating and dealing with them. However, the rising rent has never been reduced. In such a situation, owning a house of your own is undoubtedly a matter of happiness, and decorating the house comfortably is a top priority. Consumption degradation is not equal to making do with it. Today, let's take a look at the modern simple style that costs little but can decorate the house

the floor tile adopts skc10290s Castle grey

the floor tile adopts skc10590s wave grey

the living room adopts modern design concepts as a whole, representing a new generation of life who pursue simplicity and comfort. The floor tile adopts gray to express the natural comfort and wildness. Although the orange mural on the wall has a jumping color, it has a strange sense of harmony with the overall style of the interior, and the whole space is made new and avant-garde. The simple color matching of floor tiles and wall tiles has been throughout, full of calm, artistic and elegant beauty

skc20290m Sofia (convex)

the floor tile adopts skc0290s Castle grey/skc00490m Kala white

the open living room adds a comfortable feeling. The ingenious French window design introduces the natural scenery into the living room, making the living room more bright and atmospheric. Gray and white floor tiles are matched, and the elegant atmosphere does not lose the soft and warm atmosphere. The wave gray walls are staggered, making the space full of fashion

skc00260120m Greek white

the wall uses skc00160120m Elizabeth

pure milky white background, showing a pure and beautiful board surface, which is perfectly matched with the light gray floor. The wall is simple and concise, penetrating a kind of tranquil temperament. The highly creative geometric combination with bricks makes the overall space shape very cool

the wall adopts skc20160120m French wood grain

the floor tile adopts skc20490m White House beige

the wall adopts skc20160120m French wood grain

the natural and smooth texture effect and atmospheric style create a comfortable visual enjoyment space. The combination of exquisite and elegant floor tiles and light colored walls is quiet but monotonous, with a unique flavor. Waveguide lines and bright soft clothes make the space more flexible. Low saturation tones show elegance and temperament, giving people a low-key and exquisite high-level sense. The overall space is fashionable and simple, elegant and comfortable

simplicity does not mean simplicity, but the extension of the design idea obtained through innovation after deep thinking. Simple space design is usually very implicit, and can often achieve the effect of using less to win more, and using simplicity to win complexity. If consumption is downgraded again, we still need to leave a comfortable resting place for ourselves! Release yourself in the most comfortable space and find a new life space from your heart




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