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A wardrobe needs a chain of marketing channels from the finished product to the customer's home, so that the product can finally be delivered to the customer's hands, and then the whole channel circulation can be completed. Then, in the wardrobe Market, the development of product marketing channels has also become the most concerned topic of many wardrobe enterprises. Establishing, unobstructed and efficient marketing channels is also the most profitable "weapon" for wardrobe products to enter the market. Then, in the market of "those who get channels win the world", how should wardrobe enterprises establish their channel marketing? Wardrobe construction channel is king! 2017 whole house custom furniture brand Deville

conflict between marketing channels

according to the internal statistical data of a wardrobe enterprise, from January to November 2016, due to the conflict between various sales channels, such as cross regional sales of products, vicious price competition, etc., 20million sales losses and 3million profit losses were caused. In the operation of the whole marketing channel system, conflicts between channels often occur. Due to the different nature of enterprises, there is an imbalance in the distribution of sales resources among members

the bias of these resources will inevitably form the advantages of one marketing channel member over another in a region, which can be shown as the price advantage of selling products, the advantage of promotional policies, etc. At the same time, in the assessment of channel members, enterprises pay more attention to the realization of sales goals, so it is inevitable that some marketing channel members use their comparative advantages to occupy the sales performance that should belong to other marketing channel members to achieve their goal of completing sales tasks

for example, in 2016, due to its sales scale and geographical characteristics, Shenyang Business Department became the key focus area of the enterprise, and obtained 10% of the company's promotion and profit transfer support on an important product based on the purchase price, but it was only limited to the retail system sales in Shenyang, while the sales situation of Shenyang business department in that month was relatively poor, and some sales tasks were still not implemented, while many local retailers in Shenyang had purchased this product in the early stage, Even now, the purchase quantity is not enough to ensure the completion of sales. In order to ensure the realization of sales, Shenyang business department, after deducting the freight of the product, sold the product to a wholesaler in Tianjin, who originally purchased from a local secondary dealer in Tianjin. As a result, the number of shipments of this secondary dealer in Tianjin was significantly reduced. Shenyang business department used its advantage in the price of single products to carry out cross regional sales and obtained relevant benefits, resulting in the damage of the interests of other channel members and the conflict of marketing channels

lack of incentive mechanism and insufficient sales drive

the purchase price of a secondary wholesaler in the marketing channel of a wardrobe enterprise is within the range of 87% to 88% of the wholesale price of products. That means the gross profit of its products is only about 13%, which also needs to bear product logistics costs, sales costs, promotional activities, company operating costs, personnel costs, taxes and capital costs. The profit really earned by relying on the price difference between the purchase and sale of products is very limited, and there is even a risk of loss. The low sales profit of marketing channel members will inevitably lead to the decline of sales enthusiasm of marketing channel members, which will not only be reflected in sales performance, but also affect the performance of product retail terminals, the implementation of promotional activities, and the implementation of company policies. For the same new products to be sold on the market, the executive power of the company's own sales team is significantly higher than the efficiency of distribution, and most of the factors are the promotion of dealers. In the big goal of setting up enterprise marketing channels, enterprises have given more consideration to the guarantee of their own profits, without giving more consideration to the interests of other members of the channel, which is bound to cause the decline of the efficiency of the whole marketing channel

for middlemen, they must earn profits through sales, so as to maintain the normal operation of the company. Too low sales profits will inevitably lead to their lack of enthusiasm in the sales process. When middlemen continue to improve the market sales scale, they still get only a small part of the profits, then the importance of the enterprise's products to them will also decrease. At the same time, the implementation of the company's market strategy and the performance of products at retailers cannot be guaranteed. The final result is the shrinking market share of products in the region and the reduction of consumer awareness, leading to the withdrawal of products from the market. Just as there is no sales department in Nanjing, the retail system in the region is operated by a local wholesaler. In the relevant sales statistics of the company, it is found that the retail system in this region is always the last few in the national market. In order to solve the sales dilemma, the relevant personnel of the company arrived at the site and found that the retail system in Nanjing did not fully comply with the requirements of the company in terms of product distribution quantity, display points and promotional activities. The most important factor is that the wholesalers' product sales profits simply cannot bear the sales costs generated by the retail system, resulting in more financial losses in the local retail channels as the wholesalers expand their sales scale

in recent years, with the intensification of market competition, as a wardrobe enterprise, we should clearly realize that the management of marketing channels cannot be plain sailing, and conflicts and problems are the norm in the sales process. Only the marketing channels that meet the development needs of wardrobe enterprises and are constantly adjusted can provide more efficiency and better results, and ultimately enable enterprises to obtain huge benefits

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