100 square meters of small space to create Japanes

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The light wood colored floor makes the whole living room immersed in a warm current. The fashionable and simple layout has a broad vision effect, but there is no monotonous feeling. The light colored curtain shows a hazy feeling. A pot of potted plants on the ground, set off by the curtain, looks so fresh, natural, and full of poetic feelings

the beige fabric sofa has a soft texture and simple elegance. With three black silk cushions, the hidden elegance and luxury are immediately highlighted. On the wooden tea table, porcelain bowls and teapots with oriental charm, as well as artistic flowerpots, bring vitality

the stripe decoration on the background wall of the living room is a perfect match with the chandelier, which exudes the breath of fashion and art. On the decorative cabinet, put some beautiful decorations, which can play a decorative effect and bring visual enjoyment

the bowls and dishes that change color from blue to white are like a slowly flowing stream. The warm color tiles in the kitchen also have a gradual effect, but they are like a warm current filled in the air. The white dining table and the white cabinet echo each other

there is only a wall between the restaurant and this small lounge. The lounge, which continues the simple style, is full of young fashion. The square partition cabinet has a three-dimensional effect on the wall and can place several books or other things. On the desktop of the partition, some decorations can have the effect of lighting up the space

the bedding with light gray lattice and the pillows on the bed are active in the white bedroom. The design of a window frame on the white wall is very creative, and the warm grid wall stickers are decorated around this small window frame. A pot of small plants on the window frame is the icing on the cake, bringing a faint pastoral atmosphere to the bedroom

if you feel that half of the bedroom is cold, the other half of the space will bring you a warm feeling. The light wood color board has made a ceiling design, and the thickened wall surface makes the dressing space and the bed have a clear separation. The curtain made of yarn is full of dreamy breath. The light yellow curtain brings a warm and cordial feeling

the wall of the bathroom is paved with warm mosaic tiles, and the glass shower room brings a sense of magnification to the space





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