Beautiful choice doors and windows face the sea wi

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After staying in the noisy city for a long time,

there is always a feeling of breathlessness,

reinforced concrete mixed with less friendly air,

I really want to escape here,

find a clear world

through the transparent floor to ceiling windows,

you can have a large area of vision and light inside and outside the room.

no matter how luxurious the mansion courtyard is

as long as you can have a beautiful floor to ceiling window

it will make your home full of leisure

the sun is fine and the time flows quietly

looking out the window and overlooking the scenery outside the window

everything is comfortable enough

there is no need to consider

what kind of background wall and wallpaper should be selected

the scenery outside the window is a natural background,

alternates with day and night, and changes with the seasons

if there is a French window in any space,

can add a lot of color

don't care whether it's a sunny day,

or a starry night

when I was a child, people often asked me where I wanted to live when I grew up

now I should answer:

"I don't want to own a villa, but I must have flowers in spring."

beautiful choice doors and windows face the sea with you and flowers bloom in spring





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