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Europaimen fully shows different tastes, different personalities and different home culture feelings in every detail

Europa wooden door integrates the cultural concept of "harmony between people, family and the world" into the cultural construction of Europa enterprises, making every product and even every detail of service more humanistic, forming a unique concept of production, service and use of a new life cube in domestic door enterprises

europaimen fully shows different tastes, personalities and home culture feelings in every detail. In oupai wooden door, each product must go through eight cruel and harsh quality processes in order to be extraordinary, go to the market and enter the family

1. Design aesthetics

the national "wooden door R & D center" established by europay with a large amount of money, hundreds of R & D designers capture the world's home trends and create popular themes. Every year, there are more than 200 kinds of innovative designs, and more than 150 national patents for products. In Europe, fashion elements are perfectly integrated with wooden door art

2. Cutting edge manufacturing

in the garden style modern transparent factory with an area of more than 100 mu of europay, the amazing dust-free paint booth, the whole line introduces German imported Haomai edge banding machine, automatic rotary cutting saw, double-sided CNC machining center, positive and negative pressure suction machine, cold press, etc., cutting-edge exquisite manufacturing equipment, with an accuracy of cutting to 0.1 mm, to ensure the perfect quality of products

3. German technology

Europa adopts German bridge hole mechanical board structure, fir full solid core frame, combined with "vertical and horizontal three-dimensional" technology, "four bottom and two sides" curing wax sealing and "double knife, multi knife" and other breakthrough techniques, exquisite technology to create excellent quality. Each European style door has a thick and dull sound when it is knocked, which is as strong and durable as a German car

4. Strictly select materials

in Europe, every kind of material must undergo rigorous inspection. Whether it's pure imported materials tailored by South Korea LG company, or 30-year-old fir full solid core frame, whether it's rare and precious log tree species selected for more than a century, or imported PU paint, Oppai believes that good materials can make good wooden doors

5. Cruelty experiment

there is a high standard process for quality control in European parties. 39 special tests for scratch prevention, 57 quality inspections for products, high-strength opening and closing collision test, fire-proof and flame-retardant pressure test, comprehensive water immersion, corrosion prevention and moisture-proof test, and the cruel tests experienced by each Europa door are all for the purpose of providing excellent products with excellent performance and quality

6. electronic precision control

europay took the lead in realizing the whole process electronic precision control. Cad/cam technology, CMM technology, 3D software simulation, rapid prototyping design. From customer sample selection and customization to home real scene effect, from customer order to one-to-one electronic network control and tracking of measurement, installation and after-sales service, from production ERP system to the whole process information management system, oupai wooden door provides an "ID card" electronic tracking system for each set of products, so that customers can buy with confidence and use with peace of mind

7. standard accessories

in europay, customers can make personalized choices at will. There are five series, more than 1000 styles, such as painted raw wood doors, painted solid wood composite doors, PVC paint free doors, EPC ecological doors, colored aluminum doors, etc. Door leaf, door pocket, line, color, style, lock, hinge, door stopper, glass, transportation, upstairs and installation all realize standardized operation

8. Perfect service

europay has more than 1000 brand authorized stores all over the country, more than 4000 professional wooden door guides, and more than 10000 measurement and installation teams, with professional services, fast response and accuracy. Personalized customization, standardized services, unified installation accessories, professional measurement and installation, no matter where in the country, you can enjoy the European VIP service with just one phone call




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