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Special glass can be integrated into nanoparticles to build "energy-saving houses"

Shanghai nanotechnology and Industrial Development Promotion Center disclosed that at the "Shanghai international nanotechnology cooperation conference to drive the development of high-tech industries" jointly held by China and Australia, nanotechnologists from China and Australia focused on nanotechnology from the fields of energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, processing and manufacturing. At present, some cooperation projects similar to nanotechnology to detect the air environment and nano materials to purify water quality are in progress. A kind of "energy-saving house" made of glass with super poor coaxiality between the axis of the special spindle and the axis of the lifting screw rod integrated with nanoparticles has attracted everyone's attention. The "energy-saving house" is covered by a special glass with nano particles. In summer, when the sun shines into the glass, those nanoparticles with filtering function will automatically reflect the infrared high-precision lines and other light that are easy to cause heat generation, and only those light with little "heat generation" will be allowed to enter the house; In winter, the nanoparticles in the glass also gradually change their position. Instead, they "confine" infrared and other "heat generating" light indoors to keep warm

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