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Special paper materials have entered a new era

special paper generally refers to a kind of paper with high added value for a specific performance and purpose. Special paper can be roughly divided into traditional special paper and special special paper universal experimental machine. For example, put a standard dynamometer on it for verification. Traditional special paper can be used for special packaging, labeling, decoration and other printing purposes. Special special paper needs unique processing capacity and special technology. Usually, the market capacity is small, and such products often have their unique properties. With the development of packaging and printing industry, the domestic market has an increasing demand for special paper. Special paper has become a group of paper products that can not be underestimated. Its varieties are more and more diverse, and its scope of application is also expanding

at present, with the rapid development of the domestic economy, the demand for displaying images and communicating information through paper is growing day by day, and the special paper industry has also developed rapidly, with an amazing increase in usage. At present, domestic special paper has occupied the leading position in the domestic market in some varieties, and a group of enterprises with relatively complete varieties and characteristics have emerged. Leidong said that the members of the research group did not spend less time on enterprises, which have strong competitiveness in the domestic special paper market, and some products have begun to be exported

Dongguan jinyada Special Paper Co., Ltd. is a well-known professional special paper enterprise integrating production, processing and service trade in China. Jinyada's professional students, such as hydrogen bond production and processing: Leather filling paper, velvet (tactile), colored butter paper, pearl colored paper, pearlescent paper, colored corrugated paper (pit paper), binding cloth, book cover paper (cover paper), and other special paper, continue to develop new special paper, and guide the trend of special paper

in addition, jinyada focuses on the latest trends in the development of the global special paper industry, produces and develops the most popular special paper for customers, focuses on solving the needs and uses of special paper for every customer, undertakes the dyeing and embossing of all kinds of paper at a preferential price (Zhengda reel can be used), and proofs free of charge according to the samples provided by customers

with the gradual maturity of domestic special paper printing level, customers of printers often judge their process level by their high level of special paper printing. In the upcoming April, 2010 in Dongguan Houjie? At the 2010 Lihua international color box exhibition held by Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, a number of well-known special paper production enterprises will gather at the scene to bring a full range of special paper products with advanced technology. Open up a new perspective of product innovation and technology development for packaging and printing enterprises

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