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Weida paper Deyang Branch suffered little damage.

Weida paper (Sichuan) Co., Ltd., Deyang production base of Weida Paper Group, was slightly damaged in the Wenchuan earthquake, and there were no staff casualties, so it can resume production at any time

Vida paper (Sichuan) Co., Ltd. started the construction of advanced chemical materials such as high-end resin, special rubber and engineering plastics in February 2005. By the end of 2015, it mainly produced nearly 100 varieties of high-quality high-end household paper in seven series, including base paper, toilet roll paper, tissue paper, facial tissue paper, napkin paper, toilet paper and kitchen paper. After nearly three years of development, the annual sales revenue of the enterprise has exceeded 100 million yuan, becoming an important industrial enterprise in Deyang, which has thus become the largest household paper base in Western China

this Wenchuan earthquake, Deyang City is the hardest hit area. After the disaster, Vida paper group was very concerned about the disaster situation in Deyang production base, especially the safety of about 500 employees, and sent a message of condolences to them. Deyang production base said that no one was injured or killed, and the plant's equipment, machinery and building structures were not seriously damaged. At present, according to Harry swan, general manager of Thomas Swan Company: "This achievement represents the progress of Thomas swan in the field of advanced materials. Deyang City requires that the enterprise has suspended production, waiting for the relevant departments to conduct a professional inspection on the structural safety of the plant, and the employees have also moved to the safe area designated by the government. When the time is ripe, the enterprise can resume production. At the same time, when it learned that the surrounding areas of Deyang are seriously affected, Vida Paper Group also joined hands with the company's shareholders to pay tribute to Mianzhu Heshi, the most severely affected area Fang and Fang donated water, food, quilts, clothes and other most urgently needed materials with a total value of 1million yuan, and assigned special personnel from Deyang production base to be responsible for the purchase and transportation, so as to ensure that the materials are delivered to the victims at the first time and provide strong assistance for local earthquake relief

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