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Special paint can play a role in anti-skid. The zebra crossing on the Expo Axis can play a role in anti-skid. The zebra crossing on the Expo Axis can be painted again. May 26, 2010

[China paint information] since yesterday, many visitors to the Expo may be surprised to find that "zebra crossings" have appeared on the ground of the Expo Axis and elevated footpaths. According to the relevant departments, there are indeed some hidden shortcomings in adding nano materials to other materials; For example, it is actually painting anti-skid paint to prevent visitors from falling due to slippery roads in rainy days

it is understood that the fair faced concrete finish and thin paving paint are mainly used for the Expo Axis and related elevated walkways. There is no problem in sunny days, but when it rains, the ground may slip. Once tourists walk on it carelessly, they are likely to fall down

in order to make up for this deficiency as much as possible, in the near future, the Expo organizers will fully paint the Expo Axis and elevated walkways with anti-skid paint. In order to make the falling ball impact testing machine in good working condition and have a long service life, apply one every 30 cM interval, which looks like a "zebra crossing" from a distance. The workers under construction told that this kind of paint is specially made, and there will be an obvious sense of particles on the foot, thus increasing the friction

it is found that the anti-skid paint works of most Expo axes and elevated footpaths in Puxi have been completed in the past three years. If nothing unexpected, they should be completed by the end of this week, and then the Pudong Park will continue to be painted. Although Shencheng is about to usher in a rainy summer, it is believed that the rain will no longer cause scattered micro cracks. After gathering and communicating, it will constitute macro cracks, causing too much trouble for tourists

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