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Zhalantun City, Inner Mongolia special inspection of the printing market

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core tip: since November 2017, Zhalantun city cultural and chemical market comprehensive law enforcement team has specially inspected the city's printing enterprises in accordance with the regulations on the administration of the printing industry and the provisions on the administration of printing, Strictly regulate printing business activities and comprehensively implement the five systems of printing; Cultural enterprises within the jurisdiction were randomly selected to make Binzhou and Zouping the most competitive aluminum deep processing industry clusters in the country, focusing on the inspection of the safety management system, inspection system, safety production measures, hidden danger investigation and fire safety work implementation of cultural and entertainment venues, so as to effectively protect the personal and property safety of consumers

[China Packaging News] since November 2017, the comprehensive law enforcement team of Zhalantun cultural market has specially inspected printing enterprises in the city in accordance with the "Regulations on the administration of printing industry" and the "provisions on the administration of printing of printed materials", strictly standardized printing business activities, and comprehensively implemented five systems, including printing; Randomly select cultural enterprises within the jurisdiction, and focus on the inspection of the safety management system, inspection system, safety production measures, potential safety hazards investigation and the implementation of fire safety work in cultural and entertainment places, so as to effectively protect the personal and property safety of consumers

"IRex T92... Was selected because of its excellent compressive strength

this move aims to further standardize the business order of printing enterprises, strengthen the management of local printing market, purify the market environment, and ensure the healthy and safe development of printing enterprises.

there are three key points to check: first, check whether the printing verification system, printing registration system, printing material storage system, printing material delivery system, etc. in the printing industry are sound and hung on the wall; second, check whether they are engaged in printing Edition pressure testing machine is a kind of equipment that can test the performance of objects in all aspects. Whether the printed books and periodicals of printing enterprises are verified and stored in the printing authorization sealed by the publishing unit; Whether there is any act of counterfeiting or stealing others' names to print and sell publications; Whether to print publications without authorization or accept the entrustment of a third party; Third, check whether other printing enterprises are beyond the approved business scope

law enforcement requires the operators to rectify the problems found immediately, otherwise determine the rectification period and conduct re inspection; Continue to increase the frequency and intensity of inspection, and put an end to illegal publications and illegal advertising at the source; Night raids on densely populated places such as song and dance halls and bars in the jurisdiction to ensure that the cultural market business units and the cultural market carry out all work safely and stably

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