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Special glass has become the key development of new materials in the 12th Five Year Plan. New materials for building materials will enter a period of rapid development. It is reported that the "guiding opinions on the development of building materials industry in the 12th Five Year Plan" has been issued. The "opinions" proposed to focus on supporting and developing new materials and high-end special building materials products. Solar glass will cause force value inaccuracy and other special glasses, and non-metallic mineral materials deep-processing products with graphite, kaolin and so on are listed as the focus of future development. Industry experts pointed out that benefiting from the overall development of strategic emerging industries, the development of new building materials has increased

the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of building materials industry and five special plans for cement, flat glass, building and sanitary ceramics, non-metallic mining industry and new building materials, organized and formulated by the Ministry of industry and information technology, have been demonstrated by experts

it is particularly noteworthy that the opinions lists special glass including solar glass, ultra-thin substrate glass and high-performance glass fiber as key industries for development. Its main products include deeply processed glass and products, solar glass, ultra-thin substrate glass, low radiation coated glass, special quartz glass, windshield glass, structural and functional integrated glass products for construction, heat-resistant glass, etc. The Opinions also pointed out that the production of special glass is mainly selected in the provinces and regions where the layout of national emerging strategic industries or related downstream industries are more developed. In large and medium-sized cities and areas with good logistics conditions, support the construction of production bases for energy-saving doors, windows and curtain walls, functional glass, fine decoration and household glass. According to the "opinion", China's demand for flat glass in 2012 is 750million weight boxes, 140million square meters of coated glass, 160million square meters of solar photovoltaic glass, 220million square meters of automotive safety glass, and 120million square meters of ultra-thin display substrate glass

Japanese enterprise evil 6 experimental method Italy defaulting on payment stone enterprises had better insure new orders

those who have dealt with the Japanese know that they have very strict requirements for stone products, but some deliberately find excuses to claim for payment in arrears, hoping that the majority of export enterprises should be more vigilant

at the mention of a Japanese enterprise "Stone Co., Ltd", Xiao Zhang, an employee of a stone company in Xiamen, complained incessantly. So far, there is still a loan of $30000 that has not been recovered. "A part of the payment will be withheld every time, and the order will still be placed." Xiao Zhang was helpless, "the payment for goods is in the other party's hands, so the order has to continue." Xiao Zhang repeatedly negotiated with the Japanese enterprise, "I was in a hurry last month. They sent a fake money order saying that the payment had been paid, which is also the most important technical indicator in the tension machine." Zhang said, "I haven't received it for a long time. The other party said that there was something wrong with the bank in Japan." Up to now, the payment of more than 30000 dollars has not been received

Xiao Zhang found a blacklist of malicious delinquent enterprises on the official of Xiamen stone chamber of Commerce, and the Japanese enterprise was impressively listed. "We will regularly publish the blacklist and some relevant information on the website. Businesses must pay attention to it." The person in charge of Xiamen stone chamber of Commerce said, "if you don't know the other party's information, the merchants had better insure the new orders. Those customers who have a high price, but give little deposit, and have no strict requirements for the goods, had better not contact, and are likely to be liars."

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