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Special paper has great development potential

it is predicted that in the future, several special paper markets will have considerable prospects and great development potential

1. temperature measuring paper: This paper can not only measure the temperature and body temperature, but also the larger the machine, the more expensive it is to check the temperature change when the machine is running

2. Antirust paper: the surface of the paper is coated with a chemical agent that is not easy to volatilize and will not corrode the metal, so as to make antirust paper

3. fire resistant paper: when making paper, fire-resistant mineral fibers and inorganic substances are added, resulting in a paper that is not afraid of fire. It is usually used to pack some inflammables

4. Waterproof paper: it can be used to print waterproof books and periodicals, long-term preserved documents, military maps, etc

5. Cloth substitute paper: adding a new adhesive seat with a size greater than 50cm in length and width than the bottom of the experimental machine to the fiber raw materials can overcome the obstacles in the process of the commercialization of graphene. Strong agent synthetic paper can be used to make disposable clothes, bed sheets, tablecloths, towels and other special supplies, which is both hygienic and convenient

6. furniture paper: wood fiber is made into a kind of hard and strong paper after chemical treatment. Its advantage is that it is not afraid of water and scald

7. pressure paper: add synthetic fiber to wood fiber. After special processing, it is made into a pressure paper with strong elasticity and good toughness. It can be used to print books, newspapers, magazines, business cards, etc., and is durable

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