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The special fund for intelligent manufacturing with a total scale of 10billion yuan continued to optimize Tianjin's economic structure

just like the weather when everything recovers after winter and spring, the effect of Tianjin's economic structure transformation gradually appears. People in the market value expectation most. The interview learned that although there are still many difficulties at present, people's expectations are getting better and better, confidence is greatly boosted, and the economy is moving steadily on the track of high-quality development

the warming of the market is inseparable from the guidance and services of the "hand of the government" ->/p>

tax cuts and fee reductions, and the burden of market players has been significantly reduced

it can be seen from the economic growth map of Tianjin that the economic growth rate of our city fell to the bottom in the first quarter of 2018, the second quarter was better than the first quarter, the third quarter was better than the second quarter, and the fourth quarter was better than the third quarter. "We are confident that this year will be better than last year and next year will be better than this year." Tianjin municipal leaders said when answering questions at the national two sessions

from the perspective of finance, the revenue structure continues to be optimized. The proportion of non tax revenue in fiscal revenue has changed from the top three in the country three years ago to the bottom ten in the country at present, and the quality of revenue has improved significantly. The relevant person from the Municipal Finance Bureau gave a series of figures: the proportion of non tax revenue in the financial revenue of our city in 2017 was 9.9 percentage points lower than that in 2016, 7.7 percentage points lower than that in 2017, and 4.2 percentage points lower than that in 2018 in the first two months of 2019. The proportion of non refueling and exhaust tax revenue in the general public budget revenue of the government has decreased from more than 40% in previous years to less than 20%

what is this concept? "By 2018, all local enterprise related administrative charges in Tianjin have been abolished, which has really reduced the burden on enterprises." The relevant person of the Municipal Finance Bureau said

at the beginning of this year, the city launched the "19 articles on private economy", which "top the list of tax reductions" of the relevant tax reduction policies for private enterprises, and once again won market praise. At the municipal tax bureau, Zhang Yong, general manager of Tianjin rock Technology Co., Ltd., calculated an account, "this year, the tax reduction and fee reduction policies were intensively introduced, and our corporate income tax burden was reduced from the original 10% to 5%. It was a surprise. At the 'two sessions', the premier proposed to implement a larger scale of tax reduction, and Tianjin has always been particularly fast in the implementation of policies. I preliminarily calculated that our tax reduction rate was 57%."

real gold and silver, government guidance is to move seriously

what is also exciting is that Tianjin's economic structure is being optimized and new kinetic energy is growing

behind the transformation, there is a firm figure of the "blessing" of the government's financial resources

"last year, our company received 4.6 million yuan of special funds for intelligent manufacturing, accounting for nearly 20% of the total project investment."

Wang Chuanqi, vice president of keyvia electric, said that the support of the government has accelerated their R & D and application of "integrated monitoring and intelligent decision-making system based on big data" in the field of rail transit, "which will not only improve the product performance and market competitiveness of enterprises, but also help promote the intelligent manufacturing level of Tianjin Rail Transit." He said that just a week ago, keyvia won the bid for the integrated monitoring system of Tianjin Metro Line 10 phase I

the "special fund for intelligent manufacturing" mentioned by Wang Chuanqi was an initiative launched by our city at the second world intelligence conference last May. At that time, Tianjin issued a number of policies to support the development of intelligent manufacturing industry, among which the most commendable was the establishment of a special fund for intelligent manufacturing with a total scale of 10billion yuan and a new generation of artificial intelligence technology industry fund with a total scale of 100billion yuan. Up to now, the special start-up fund of 1billion yuan for intelligent manufacturing has been fully allocated. Including keyvia, it has supported 184 key smart technology projects in the city, driving a number of enterprises to make breakthroughs in the construction of smart factories and digital workshops

the "eight articles of Tianjin", which are called "high gold content" by private entrepreneurs, are also a group of "high gold content" figures in Finance: in 2018, the municipal finance coordinated the development of scientific and technological enterprises with a special fund of 107million yuan, supporting 19 major innovation projects led by the Municipal Science and technology, 25 major projects of new generation artificial intelligence technology, and 30 major military civilian integration projects; 174 entrepreneurs from leading enterprises in science and technology and leading cultivation enterprises in the city were rewarded with 13.61 million yuan

in Tianjin Development Zone kangxinuo company, liaozhengfang, director of the president's office, said, "at the end of last year, we enjoyed 765000 yuan of R & D subsidies allocated by the local government. This is really an incentive for high-tech enterprises whose products have not yet been commercialized." This "cutting-edge" vaccine enterprise, which is famous for its research and development of recombinant Ebola virus vaccine, has doubled its research and development investment every year, and will double that of last year this year. Conchino is not the only company to receive R & D subsidies. In 2018, Tianjin municipal government allocated 165million yuan of R & D subsidy funds to 1345 enterprises, and guided enterprises to invest 9.68 billion yuan in R & D. the innovation ability of science and technology enterprises in the city was further enhanced

"we deeply feel the strength and sincerity of Tianjin to create a new driving force for economic development." Director Zhang of the chief Engineering Office of optoelectronic communication said that under such incentives, everyone's innovation vitality is blooming. In 2018, the city added more than 7000 Municipal Science and technology enterprises, more than 200 science and technology enterprises with a scale of more than 100 million yuan, 15 new science and technology leading enterprises, 11 science and technology leading cultivation enterprises, and more than 5000 national high-tech enterprises, further promoting the optimization and upgrading of economic structure and supporting high-quality development

the front line should be the "examination room" and enterprises should be the "Examiner"

since 2017, the city has continuously carried out the "double 10000 double services to promote development" activity, organized 10000 cadres to serve 10000 enterprises, and carried out "online and offline" double line services by building an information platform for the exchange of government and enterprises, effectively solving enterprise problems

"'double 10000 double services to promote development 'activity has become a bright business card for the optimization of Tianjin's business environment". The national development and Reform Commission recently held an on-site meeting in Tianjin to make such comments. Chen Hongwan, director of the Finance Department of the national development and Reform Commission, said at the meeting: "the Tianjin 'double 10000 double services to promote development' activity is of great significance to solve the specific difficulties of enterprises at the micro level, and also forms the assessment constraints on government departments and staff, which has replicable and promotable value in the country."

liubaicheng, chairman of Tianjin Anjie IOT Technology Co., Ltd., has a deep understanding of this. "At the beginning of the year, the company carried out share reform and was preparing to go public. At that time, we encountered the problem of qualification translation, and we didn't know what to do. After knowing the situation, the Shuangwan Shuangfu service group of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development immediately organized a special study, and it took only two days to provide a reasonable and compliant solution!" He told that with this qualification, the company participated in a bidding project of tens of millions of yuan in time

"we have established a contact mechanism for service enterprises and used the Internet + government service platform to realize the full connectivity between 10000 enterprises and governments at all levels. All 16 municipal working groups and 48 municipal service groups in the city have set up working groups and implemented 7 × 24 hours a day. " The relevant person in charge of the leading group office of the city's "double 10000 double services to promote development" activity said

it not only pours on the ground, but also innovates means to increase effectiveness. "The official account of 'Tianjin Development and reform service enterprise' has been online for nearly a year, 564 enterprises have been registered, 409 appointments have been made, and the service satisfaction rate is 100%." A person from the Party Construction Office of the municipal development and Reform Commission told. In the activity of "double 10000 double services to promote development", the municipal development and Reform Commission built a new convenience channel for enterprises to reflect their demands. By making an appointment through the official account, enterprises can choose the relevant functional departments to "date" or answer questions without leaving home, so as to realize the "zero threshold" and round the clock "roll call service" that infection can change the local biological environment

such innovative measures are numerous. In 2017, the city selected a total of 40 innovation cases, such as the issuance of "innovation aid vouchers" and the establishment of "industry university research" platforms. In 2018, 106 innovation cases, such as non repayment of principal and renewal of loans, copyright pledge loans, were selected. The anti fragmentation of pangolin wire makes it a perfect substitute to be promoted and demonstrated in the city

this is a battle of 10000 people to remove obstacles to the development of enterprises, but also a silent timely rain. Over the past two years, tens of thousands of cadres in the city have sunk into the front line with policies, investigated and sorted out the needs of enterprises, solved problems on the spot, and solved 51000 enterprise and project problems through the government enterprise interoperability service information platform, which has solved a number of bottleneck problems that have plagued the development of enterprises for a long time and won a good reputation

let enterprises be "examiners" and the front line be "examination rooms", and the ecosystem of enterprise development is increasingly "lush and green"

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