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Dh1650 unit flexographic printing machine independently developed by China Eastern Airlines Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. recently, the first domestic carton pre printing equipment dh1650 unit flexographic printing machine independently developed and manufactured by Weifang China Eastern Airlines Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was officially delivered to Shandong Shouguang new century paper packaging Co., Ltd. This marks a breakthrough in the milestone of flexographic pre printing of cartons in China and fills the domestic gap. At present, in some developed countries such as Europe and the United States, 30% of the total output of corrugated boxes adopts new pre printing technology With the rapid development of China's paper product packaging industry, in recent years, many manufacturers such as Mengniu, Yili and Baibai have more detailed knowledge of experimental machines. Wei and Tsingtao beer of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. have turned their attention to the new pre printing technology. With the stability of the design and consumption of corrugated boxes for beverages, beer, household appliances, food and other products, the production of high-end color corrugated boxes by web preprint will become the trend of the development of the packaging industry in the future

the so-called flexographic printing carton preprint is to use the flexographic printing preprint technology to print the required exquisite patterns on the wide web paper (carton face paper) before the corrugated carton is used as the corrugated cardboard, and then transfer the printed web face paper to the corrugated cardboard production line to make the corrugated carton board, and then use the die-cutting machine to cut and indent it into a carton

Weifang Donghang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. this carton preprint equipment, based on the careful summary of the early development experience, has carried out innovation and adopted more advanced and efficient new technologies and processes. Its main features are: first, high efficiency, excellent printing. It can realize high-speed continuous printing with wide printing format, and can adapt to large paper a.3-phase circuit with 1-Phase missing; b. The transmission mechanism causes the manufacture of electromechanical load weighting box; High quality prints, exquisite patterns and saturated colors. Second, environmental friendly ink printing. Equipped with an independent intelligent drying system and a fully enclosed oven, the ink can be fully dried and solidified to ensure that the printing surface enters the corrugated paper production line to rub with the backing plate without fading and recycling. The plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China. Third, the chromaticity is accurate and the control is reliable. Fourth, it is easy to use and has a high degree of self-control. The machine adopts distributed control bus, which can know its status at any time and count production information, which is conducive to improving production management, reducing costs and improving production efficiency. Fifthly, the machine is equipped with electrostatic precipitator corona device, which is conducive to thick paper printing and improve the ink transfer effect, making prints more exquisite. In order to improve the brightness of ink printing, a polishing device is equipped after printing, which can be linked with a plate stick of any diameter during printing. The machine has five printing color groups, the maximum printing speed is 120 meters/minute, and the overprint accuracy is 0.2 mm

The printing format of DH series models can be divided into the following specifications: 1300mm, 1450mm, 1650mm, which can be matched with corrugated cardboard line

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