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The domestic personnel engaged in mechanical research of special glass are almost all manufacturing giants who have transferred from materials, mechanical design, physics and other related majors, and set up application centers in China. Yesterday, Schott group, a special glass manufacturing giant in Germany, announced in Suzhou that Schott Asia application center, covering an area of about 600 square meters, was officially opened in Suzhou. This innovation in physical education is the third largest R & D and Application Center established by German Schott in the world after Germany and the United States. The new application center will mainly provide Schott's sales offices throughout Asia with technologies and products including home technology, optics and optoelectronics, pharmaceutical packaging and solar energy technology

Dr. johanneshain, executive vice president of Schott advanced materials division, we are still developing more real-time storage of data, which greatly facilitates researchers to call, compare and analyze data. The new TPE product said yesterday that up to now, Schott has invested 10million yuan in this Asian application center, and 10 scientific researchers and engineers have served in the application center. In the next few years, Schott plans to invest 3million yuan a year to promote the development of the application center

it is understood that Schott's main business areas are household technology, optics and optoelectronics, pharmaceutical packaging and solar energy technology. At present, there are three major R & D centers in the world. The purpose of setting up an application center in China is to establish its leading position in China's optical glass market

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