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Special glass fiber and products

I. application of aluminized glass fiber: 1 Radar and missile jamming materials. 2. Conductive glass fiber filler. Varieties: there are three kinds of aluminized glass fibers: semi coated, fully coated and hollow. Performance: A. fiber diameter( μ m):18±7B. Coating thickness( μ m):2~7C. Resistivity (Ω· cm): ≤ 3.5D Specific gravity (g/cm3):2.6e Tensile strength (kn/m2):540000f Dispersion rate: ≥ 70% II. Application of glass fiber 3D filter material: mainly used for smoke and dust elimination in carbon black plants, smelters, thermal power plants, industrial boilers, cement and other industrial departments. Performance: ① glass fiber filter cloth: A. fabric thickness (mm):0.5 ~ 0.6 B. fabric density (root/cm) warp direction: 18 weft direction: 18 ± 1 C. fabric strength (kg/25 × 100mm) longitude: 2504 The variable resistance value of the dynamic magnetic pressure gauge of the pressure sensor increases with the increase of pressure When installing the pressure sensor on the tensile testing machine, do not screw the shell directly If the sensor has an alarm ± 20 latitude direction: 240 extruder industry still has a large market space ± 20d Filtration efficiency: 99.9% ② glass fiber needled felt A. tensile strength (kg/25 × 100mm):150 ± 15 B. blasting strength (kg/cm2):40 ± 5 C. filtering efficiency: 99.9% address: Guanzhuang, Beijing, China Post Code: 100024: (010), 2576 Fax: (010)

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