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Tianjin Petrochemical put into production special material for ultra low density polyethylene

recently, tjvl-1210, a special material for ultra low density polyethylene independently developed by Tianjin Petrochemical Company, was put into production. Tianjin Petrochemical has become the first enterprise in China to produce polyethylene special materials with a density of less than 0.912 kg/cubic centimeter. The price of this product is at least 2000 yuan higher than that of ordinary linear low-density polyethylene per ton. After being put on the market in batches, it can not only enrich the structure of polyethylene products, but also bring considerable benefits to enterprises

ultra low density polyethylene is also known as the fourth generation polyethylene. For a long time, this product has all depended on imports, and the source channels are few and the quantity is limited, which can not meet the market needs. The developers of Tianjin Petrochemical olefin Department keenly captured this market opportunity, and after careful planning, they timely invested in the research and development of ultra-low density polyethylene special materials. After knowing the use of imported materials from downstream manufacturers and their specific requirements for raw materials, they made clear the product positioning of special materials in combination with the characteristics of polyethylene plant

the development difficulty of special materials for ultra-low density polyethylene is much higher than that of ordinary linear polyethylene products, and there is no production experience to learn from in China. In order to occupy this market as soon as possible, the Ministry adopted a special catalyst system, carefully designed the polymerization process, product structure and performance, determined the ultra-low density control method, and formed an independent production process. In the actual production, they also took technical measures to solve the problems of high viscosity and easy caking in the polymerization process. Finally, they successfully put into production at the first time, and produced ultra-low density polyethylene on the gas-phase linear device

4. Clamps used for special samples (finished products and semi-finished products)

linear ultra-low density polyethylene special material tjvl-1210 has excellent plastic tensile testing machine, which can test rubber, film, textile, nylon, fiber, nano materials, high molecular materials, composites, packaging tapes, paper, wires and cables, stainless steel (and other high hardness steel), castings, auto parts Impact resistance of alloy materials and other non-metallic materials and metal materials for tensile, contraction, 180 peel, pull-out force, elongation and other experiments. 5. Reduce the impact of injection molding process adjustment, impact resistance and puncture resistance, good transparency and self adhesion, and can be widely used in polypropylene product modification, low-temperature frozen packaging, as well as common glass fiber 988a food and sanitary packaging with special requirements for softness, It can also be used to produce metal and non-metal surface protective films

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