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The installation of the main body of the steel structure of the liugai floating kiln has been completed, and the overall project is progressing smoothly

recently, the temperature has remained low, but this has not affected the construction of the installation project of the steel structure of the liugai floating kiln. The staff of each professional team participating in the construction wear thick cotton padded clothes, cotton padded shoes and red helmets on the construction site of each sub project. Their cheeks were red with cold, and they used their bodies to block the cold wind. Holding the drawings in their hands, they repeatedly checked every data and carefully checked every process. There was a drizzle with snowflakes in the sky. After a while, they were all wet and soon frozen into a layer of ice, but everyone ignored it. Under the condition of ensuring the project quality, the steel structure installation project is being carried out in an orderly manner. With the joint efforts of the leaders of the engineering department, the kiln professional group and the construction unit, the main body of the kiln steel structure has been installed

the steel structure main body of the six modification floating kiln has been installed.

the leaders of the engineering department pay great attention to the kiln project. Commander in Chief Zeng Zhihai is now full moon, Vice Minister Liu Lianwen and general assistant Yang Jianming fail to install steel bonded nano particles in Henan on schedule, which has become a good method of plastic modification. They inspect the installation on the construction site, exaggerate various problems that should be paid attention to in the project construction, coordinate the relationship between all parties in time, and provide a convenient premise for the installation of furnace steel structure

in order to ensure that the kiln basically has the masonry premise on January 25, under the supervision of the engineering department and the kiln professional group, the installation group in Henan Province strictly requires the construction quality, and the overtime three boxes of equipment are identified as: high temperature area, low temperature area, test area 3 local overtime work, so as to ensure that the installation of steel structures is affected by the wrong construction period. In order to ensure the project quality, the kiln professional group has close contact with the technical staff of Henan installation group, strengthening communication, avoiding omissions caused by delayed communication during the installation process, and ensuring the high quality and efficiency of the steel structure installation project

at present, the construction of other bid sections is also in progress at the same time - on the boiler tower dozens of meters high of the waste heat power station, the workers are busy installing. The obvious answer is that the former is installed, and the steel structure of the finished product warehouse is being hoisted and laid with colored steel tiles. In order to catch up with the construction period, ensure the quantity and ensure the smooth ignition and production of the project in April, all the construction work is being carried out in a tense and orderly manner

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