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How to practice the concept of green development and create a growth pole of characteristic industries is an important issue in front of the Party committee and government of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province

Enshi Prefecture is located in the western border of Hubei Province, with high vegetation coverage and rich natural resources. At the same time, Enshi Prefecture is also the only region in the province that has been included in the national western development and the only region with deep poverty in the whole region. In order to transform the advantages of resources and environment into the advantages of economic development, Enshi Prefecture has deeply implemented the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", promoted green development, created a growth pole of characteristic industries in the province, and embarked on a sustainable development road in line with the characteristics of ethnic minority areas. In 2017, Enshi Prefecture achieved a regional GDP of 80.1 billion yuan (a year-on-year increase of 6.2%), of which the GDP of green industries increased by 15% year-on-year, and the added value of green industries accounted for more than 60% of GDP. From the practice of Enshi Prefecture, to promote green development and create a growth pole of characteristic industries, we should highlight the four insistences

adhere to high-level promotion and constantly improve the system and mechanism. Enshi Prefecture Party committee and government fully realize that green is the biggest background of Enshi Prefecture, and ecology is the mission of Enshi Prefecture, so we must adhere to high-level promotion. To this end, Enshi Prefecture has fully implemented the strategy of "building a state with ecology, prospering the state with industry, opening up and living the state, governing the state according to law, and enriching the people and strengthening the state", focused on promoting the establishment of "one valley, two bases, and three demonstration areas", focused on building four industrial clusters, and formed a green development target system. Enshi Prefecture has successively established a leading group for the reform of the ecological civilization system and an environmental protection committee, and comprehensively established mechanisms such as the river head system, the mountain head system and the forest head system, forming a large pattern of joint management

adhere to industrial influence and constantly activate endogenous power. Focusing on the four industrial clusters, we will formulate three-year action plans respectively, focus on promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading of the whole Prefecture, and form a provincial characteristic industrial growth pole. First, vigorously develop eco-cultural tourism, and form two high-level landscape clusters of 5A level, 18 4A level and 12 3A level scenic spots in the whole Prefecture. The annual tourist reception of Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Yuan Gong has been in our company for more than 10 years, with more than 50million people (Times), the comprehensive tourism income of nearly 40 billion yuan, and the contribution rate of tourism to the economic growth of the whole prefecture has reached 65.5%. Second, the hydraulic universal experimental machine focuses on promoting the deep processing of selenium food, focusing on the construction of "selenium Valley in China, the world's selenium capital", creating a high-standard "selenium food deep processing Industrial Park", cultivating market players, and deeply cultivating the layout of the industrial chain. In 2017, the comprehensive output value of the selenium industry was 42billion yuan. Third, fully develop the biomedical industry, focus on the construction of Chinese traditional medicine storehouses and Chinese traditional medicine valleys, generally promote the base development mode of "company cooperative farmers", and focus on promoting the construction of 12 villages and towns with an area of 10000 mu of traditional Chinese medicine, 48 villages with an area of 1000 mu of traditional Chinese medicine, and purple oil Houpu Baili corridor. Fourth, concentrate on the development of clean energy industry, focus on the construction of important clean energy bases in Central China, focus on the development of local energy resources such as wind energy, hydropower, photovoltaic, shale gas, and build an industrial development pattern with multiple complementary energies and four blossoms. The total installed capacity of clean energy in the whole Prefecture reached 3.95 million KW, and the comprehensive annual industrial output value exceeded 8billion yuan

adhere to demonstration and drive, and constantly deepen ecological creation. In combination with the establishment of ecological civilization construction demonstration areas, work plans and action plans were formulated, and ten ecological civilization demonstration areas were launched. The prefecture has built 1 provincial environmental protection model city, 1 state-level ecological county, 39 ecological towns and villages above the provincial level, and 394 ecological villages. The prefecture has established 45 nature reserves of various types, including 5 national nature reserves, ranking first in the province. The total area of the nature reserve is 203600 hectares, accounting for 8.5% of the state's land area. It has successively promulgated the regulations on the administration of Xingdoushan National Nature Reserve, the regulations on the protection and administration of forest resources, and the regulations on the protection of mountains to legislate for the mountains and make them greener; The regulations on water and soil conservation, Qingjiang River Protection and Youshui water protection of Enshi prefecture were promulgated to legislate for water and make water greener

insist on high-pressure prying and constantly promote pollution. 1. Whether the fixture is easy to use and quiet. We will strengthen the rectification work in combination with outstanding environmental problems, and thoroughly implement the five special treatment projects of "greener mountains, greener water, bluer sky, cleaner soil, and more beautiful urban and rural areas". 127 green demonstration villages have been built in the prefecture, with a forest coverage rate of 63.1% and a forest greening rate of 71.5%. The water quality of 17 surface water sections, 13 cross county (city) boundary sections, and 10 county-level centralized drinking water sources in the prefecture all meet the standard. The air quality in the whole Prefecture continues to improve, and the number of excellent days in counties, cities and urban areas is more than 340 days on average for spring and other elastic elements. The whole prefecture has treated 2.28 million mu of acidified soil, built 8 national green food raw material bases, 4 national organic agriculture demonstration bases, and 3 provincial agricultural standardization demonstration counties (cities). The total amount of national organic and green certification ranks first in the province. The ecological environment quality of the whole prefecture has been continuously improved, and the ecological environment index has stabilized at about 80, ranking second in the province

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