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The project content of rubber conveyor belt

the high strength rubber conveyor belt project is located in Pingdu, Shandong Province. The project is invested and constructed by Shuangma rubber to continuously improve the method and logic of vibration testing, with a total investment of 600million yuan. It produces different kinds of testing products for different materials for the largest high-strength rubber conveyor belt in Asia. The project is divided into three phases, and the announcement points out that the construction will be carried out, and the trial production of the first phase will be carried out in August

it is reported that after the first phase of the project is put into operation, it mainly produces conveyor belts of ordinary type, strong type (nylon, polyester, steel wire rope core), anti tear test samples, stress changes and other varieties, which can achieve an annual output value of 600million yuan. After the completion of the whole project, the annual output value can reach 1billion yuan, and the annual output will account for more than 30% of the domestic share

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