Trend and improvement of the hottest valve Market

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Trend and improvement of valve market

the development trend of valve market in China is becoming more and more popular, which has brought great benefits to major businesses

the petrochemical industry mainly adopts AP decorating hammer and other I-standard gate valves, globe valves and check valves; The power sector mainly adopts high-temperature pressure gate valves for power stations, stop valves, check valves and safety valves after a few years, and low-pressure butterfly valves and gate valves for some water supply and drainage valves; The chemical industry mainly adopts stainless steel gate valve, stop valve and check valve; The metallurgical industry mainly adopts low-pressure large-diameter butterfly valve, oxygen stop valve and oxygen ball valve; Urban construction departments mainly use low-pressure valves, such as large-diameter gate valves mainly used in urban tap water pipelines, central line butterfly valves mainly used in building construction, and metal sealed butterfly valves mainly used in urban heating; The oil pipeline mainly adopts flat gate valve and ball valve; Stainless steel ball valves are mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry; Stainless steel ball valves are mainly used in the food industry. Due to the change of user demand, the market trend of valve products will also change accordingly. In the future, the main development trends are as follows:

1 With the transfer of oil development to inland oil fields and offshore oil fields, as well as the power industry from thermal power below 300000 kW to thermal power and water above 300000 kW, and then learn the method of determining the fatigue limit of metal materials under symmetrical cycle, the development of electricity and nuclear power, valve products should also change their performance and parameters according to the changes in the field of equipment application

2. The urban construction system generally adopts a large number of low-pressure valves, and develops towards environmental protection and energy conservation, that is, from the low-pressure iron gate valve used in the past to the environmentally friendly rubber plate valve, balance valve, metal seal butterfly valve and midline seal butterfly valve, and the oil and gas transmission engineering is developing towards pipelining, which requires a large number of flat gate valves and ball valves

3. The other side of energy development is to save energy. Even the investment in cathode materials cannot be separated from the support of Pingmei Shenma Group. Therefore, from the perspective of energy conservation, we should develop steam traps and develop to subcritical and supercritical high parameters

4. The construction of the power station is developing towards large-scale, so it needs large-diameter and high-pressure safety valves and pressure reducing valves, as well as quick opening and closing valves

5. For the needs of the complete set of projects, the valve supply has developed from a single variety to multiple varieties and specifications. There is a growing trend that all the valves required for a project are provided by one valve manufacturer

the improvement of the valve market requires the mutual recognition and integration of the corporate culture, management mode and development concept of both sides on a certain basis; Secondly, the focus of merger and reorganization is to eliminate backward production capacity and improve cohesion. The production factors of both parties, such as plants, technology, equipment, brands, financing channels, products, management teams and market resources, should be reasonably and optimally allocated, the essence should be taken, the dross should be discarded, more specialized production should be realized, and a complete industrial chain should be formed, so as to ensure the optimization of product quality and cost; Then, the combined group company will focus on brand creation and marketing network construction, focusing on the R & D and production of high-tech products, while the subsidiaries should focus on the specialized production of advantageous products, be refined and strong, unify the company's trademark, technical services and quality management, jump out of the disorderly competition among peers, form a strategic alliance, and open up new markets together; At the same time, mergers and acquisitions should be carried out step by step, bearing in mind that haste makes waste

large enterprises and leading enterprises need to reallocate resources and seek potential supporting enterprises; Small and medium-sized enterprises should take the initiative to integrate and reorganize, give full play to their respective advantages, get rid of the situation of "doing research and development separately and looking for markets" in the past, work together to form a strategic alliance to lengthen the industrial chain, ensure the optimization of product quality and cost, and better complete the transformation and upgrading

at the same time, China Pump & valve suggests that the government and relevant functional institutions can better assist enterprises in macro-control, policy guidance, coordination and supervision, coordinate and improve financial support, tax relief, asset disposal, land and real estate, project approval, technological transformation discount, employee resettlement and other issues, and create a better environment for enterprise joint reorganization

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