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According to the requirements of the machining branch of XX University, Shanghai Jiuzhuo mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has designed and manufactured a fully automatic knife hiding hydraulic fixture system. After installation and debugging, all performances have met the design requirements, and the actual production has proved to be satisfactory. This project integrates a number of advanced technologies such as hydraulic fixture, automatic control, processing and assembly. It has made new breakthroughs in many aspects, such as realizing bed linkage when the hydraulic universal experimental machine system of fixture machine fails, automatically avoiding knives, improving machining accuracy, continuous production, automatic fixture switching, improving repetition accuracy, and reducing auxiliary machining time. It is a project with the current advanced level

the machining of this project was originally a manual fixture, which not only consumes manpower, but also takes up the effective processing time of the machine tool. The positioning accuracy is low, and the clamping force cannot be guaranteed. Now the fully automatic hydraulic fixture is used, and the hydraulic system drives the multi-channel oil cylinder to drive the clamping mechanism. Multiple clamping is completed instantly, which not only has high positioning accuracy, but also has reliable clamping force, This project is the quotation of fully automatic clamping impact testing machine, which is usually based on the size and performance of the test box. The machine tool linkage and automatic control switching greatly improve the work efficiency, improve the utilization rate of the machine tool and increase the effective processing time. The automatic tool hiding system of this project is the first in China, reaching the world's advanced level, that is, in the processing process, multiple fixture cylinders are linked, and through PLC programming control and machine tool linkage, automatic tool hiding is realized, so as to achieve continuous processing surface. Although the fixture cylinders are switched back and forth, the processing tools are cut continuously, so that the original surface to be processed many times can be clamped and processed continuously at one time, which greatly improves the processing accuracy, There is a new breakthrough in the automatic control of fixture machine tools. At present, the accuracy of domestic experimental machines generally uses two kinds of automatic control: Level 1 and 0.5

it has been proved by production practice that the action is reliable, the clamping is in place, the product accuracy is effectively controlled, the work efficiency is improved, and the advanced level makes Shanghai Jiuzhuo Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. a new leader in the industry on the basis of machining technology innovation, that is, equipped with different fixtures. (end)

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