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Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that multiple social media can coexist

cooperate while competing ctiforum July 1 maintenance of bellows ring stiffness testing machine 1 Accuracy: ± 0.5% (Yang Jialin): Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that Google is still possible to further cooperate with social media giants Facebook and twitter, and he believes that there is room for multiple social media to coexist in the market. Google recently launched its own social service media go currently ogle+

Schmidt said it was too early to comment on the performance of google+, but a key sign of success was that many people had asked to join the trial group of this new service. Google+ launched a trial version last week Schmidt transferred the position of CEO to Google co-founder page in April this year, and he is currently in charge of government affairs

Schmidt said that a popular feature of google+ is video chat, which is especially popular with young users

when asked to list two social networks that may currently regard google+ as a competitor, Schmidt said he "hopes to have a deeper integration with Twitter and Facebook." CTI Forum Report

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